You’re investing a lot of money in your exhibition stand project, and you want maximum return-on-investment.

Your event-website is a platform that promotes your exhibition stand, to show visitors, and existing and potential new customers.

Typically, your event-website goes ‘live’ 6-weeks before the show, so you can generate awareness and interest before your event.

The site stays live over the event, and normally for 6-weeks after, allowing you a huge range of marketing opportunities, and keeping awareness levels high.

Example: Cherry Grove at DRINK EXPO 21 >>>

Drive more Visitors to your exhibition stand

Your event-website powers-up your marketing – before the event – during the event – and post-event.

Your event-website shows your exact stand & graphics, as an animation and 360° virtual-tour. This aids ‘at-show’ recognition, guiding visitors to your exhibition stand.

You can include information on new products or services, new promotions and any important news.

You can target email-marketing at your event website, allow visitors to book appointments, introduce stand personnel, and live-stream ‘on-stand’ presentations.

Everything is designed to drive more show-visitors to your exhibition stand, increase engagement and turbo-charge your return-on-investment.

Cherry Grove Events Website

Functionality that drives show-visitor engagement

Your event-website gives your marketing people, the ability to generate maximum recognition and visitor-numbers, to your exhibition stand.

Various modules empower you to:

Introduce (with pictures) your stand personnel

Create strong recognition by showing your stand – exactly as it will appear in the exhibition hall

Guide show visitors to your stands exact location

Talk about new product launches and new services

Allow visitors to book ‘on-stand’ appointments with your people

Live stream ‘on-stand’ presentation or demo’s to virtual-visitors

Automate an immediate follow-up email, once visitors leaves your stand, making your interaction truly memorable.

Create recognition with visitors, clients and new business, by email marketing, targetted at your event-website, pre-show – during the show – and post-show.

Low Entry Cost - £1949.00 + VAT

We can create your dedicated event-website, for £1949.00 + VAT. And there are no extra or hidden charges.

This includes full design and functionality, and hosting for 12-weeks.

Typically, your event-website goes live 6-weeks prior to your show, remains open during the show, and then for 6-weeks post-show.

An important benefit of your event-website, is that it features colour images, movies, and a 360° virtual tour, that replicates your ‘actual’ stand, exactly as it appears at your show.

For that reason, we can only create your event-website, if we are designing and building your exhibition stand.

Example: Cherry Grove at DRINK EXPO 21 >>>

Please call Ross Pike on 01202 723 500 or email designteam@quadrant2design.com


We design your event-webite, along-side the design and build of your ‘actual’ exhibition stand.

This allows us to use various design-assets, such as 360° virtual tours, video and colour visuals, that show your exhibition stand exactly as it will appear, in reality, at your show or event.

Example: Cherry Grove at DRINK EXPO 21 >>>