Quadrant2Design discusses sustainability measures and eco-friendly exhibition stands on World Earth Day. 

World Earth Day is an annual event that reminds people around the world of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. The day inspires people to consider their environmental impact and the changes they can make to be more eco-friendly. 

This year’s theme for World Earth Day, Planet vs. Plastics, brings attention to the serious issue of plastic pollution and encourages widespread awareness of the health dangers of plastics. EARTHDAY.ORG is unwavering in their commitment to end plastics for human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in all plastics by 2040 and rapidly phasing out all single-use plastics. 

The World Earth Day theme is relevant to Quadrant2Design, as we work hard to ensure we only create reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly exhibition stands.


Quadrant2Design Eco-friendly Exhibition Stands

There is no doubt that exhibitions need sustainable changes. Though events are incredibly useful for businesses, they are unfortunately known for their wastefulness, largely caused by one-use stands. At Quadrant2Design we only offer reusable exhibition stands; a truly sustainable option. 


Every one of our exhibition stands is built within our Prestige Events System, meaning they are custom-modular, reusable, and reconfigurable. Reusable stands prevent a remarkable amount of waste. Some companies exhibit multiple times a year, sometimes up to four or five times, with one-use exhibition stands that ultimately end up in landfill. With reusable exhibition stands, you can use one set of graphic panels and hardware for years! We even design graphic panel placement with reusability and reconfigurability in mind, so that stands can be rearranged or changed with a limited set of new pieces, if any at all.

Quadrant2Design sustainable and eco-friendly exhibition stands


Unfortunately, there are times where sustainable options are not affordable. At Quadrant2Design we want reusable stands to be affordable for everybody. Your first exhibition is the largest investment, as we create your graphic panels for the first time. After this first investment, exhibitors can see up to 70% in savings, allowing you to invest only in project management, transport, reconfiguration, install and dismantle.

Versatile Design Choices

Being sustainable, doesn’t mean sacrificing any wow factor!

When people hear reusable exhibition stand, they sometimes assume they will be exhibiting with the same-looking stand every time. At Quadrant2Design, this is not the case! We have a broad range of features that exhibitors can add or remove from their modular stand. Additionally, reconfiguring for various stand spaces and adding new graphic panels as branding evolves keeps exhibition stands feeling fresh.

As we offer Lifetime Free Design, you can keep updating your stand for new exhibitions free of charge!

 Quadrant2Design exhibition stand photo and render libraries 


Quadrant2Design pledge to continue innovating within a reusable and sustainable system and we hope other exhibition designers do the same.

Contact our design team today at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal.

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