Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel Case Study

Attending Key Travel Shows

Wild Frontiers specialise in tailor-made adventure travel. Jonny Bealby, Wild Frontiers founder, fell in love with ‘the road less travelled’ on a trip to India, Afghanistan and Pakistan in 1996.

From there, Bealby returned home and began advertising for groups. Wild Frontiers grew as more people accepted his offer of a new adventure. Today, groups can travel to over 60 countries on five continents.

Exhibiting has played a key role in their growth. We have worked with Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel for three years, at seven events. Travel shows are our favourite and we’ve loved working with Wild Frontiers on every exhibition stand reconfiguration since 2017.

Since 2017, we have taken Wild Frontiers to Olympia London to exhibit at the Adventure Travel Show and the Destinations Travel Show every year. This is a business we are proud to work with and are looking forward to collaborating again soon.

Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel Exhibition Stand Brief

Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel needed a modular exhibition stand that they could reuse and reconfigure to fit different floor spaces. Graphically, they asked us to represent the different regions they travel. All 60 of them. Don’t say we don’t like a challenge.

The size and orientation of their floor space has changed each year. The first stand that they briefed us on was a 5x2m space with two open sides. Since, Wild Frontiers have booked 1.5x6m spaces and 5x4m spaces with two or three open sides.

This meant whatever we designed had to be versatile. Wild Frontiers needed to reconfigure their stand over and over again.

As well as these general exhibition stand requests, Wild Frontiers asked for a:

  • literature display
  • 40” LCD screen
  • End-cap showcase
  • High-level branding
  • Space for coffee machine

Luckily, the versatility of the Prestige Events System made it the ideal solution.

Hiring your Exhibition Stand for No-Hassle Exhibiting

You can’t go wrong if you choose to hire an exhibition stand from us. Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel needed a reusable stand that they could take to multiple shows. Our free2hire plan was the perfect solution.

The free2hire plan enables anyone to hire a custom modular stand at a fraction of the cost. We don’t charge you to rent the hardware, but our in-house project management team will take responsibility for the manufacture and installation of your stand. This plan gives you the freedom to exhibit.

Most suppliers don’t give you the opportunity to see your stand before your show. We do. Our 100% pre-build promise ensures that you go to your event with peace of mind, knowing your stand looks great.

Our in-house exhibition stand builders are the same team who will transport, install and dismantle your stand. You’re in safe hands.

Finally, as a responsible tourism provider, we know that Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel’s exhibition stand had to be sustainable. Our reusable, reconfigurable stands don’t end up in the skip. We don’t need harmful chemicals, power tools or large vehicles to transport them. They are the sustainable solution to exhibiting.


Unique Stand Structure Captures Visitor Attention

Every exhibition stand we design includes unique features that aim to make a big impact on a busy trade show floor. The stand we designed for Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel was no different.

Exhibitors often overlook stand structure but it is one of the first things visitors notice. Your exhibition stand structure is what separates you from the rest. We created a bespoke design for Wild Frontiers that was aesthetically pleasing and encouraged a desirable flow of traffic.

To maximise initial impact, additional features such as high-level branding were included in the design. Adding height to your stand is a great way of dominating the trade show floor. Delegates can see your branding from the aisles and know where to find you.

Bespoke photo-flooring enhanced the graphic design and gave our artists more space to highlight all of Wild Frontiers destinations. To add even more to the design we integrated custom cut apertures, in the shape of the Taj Mahal, into the structure. These became literature showcases to display Wild Frontiers travel guides.

Overall, the exhibition stand looked great and Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel had nothing but praise for the easy process and professionalism of their builder.

Written by Natalka Antoniuk