Believe it or not, here at Quadrant2Design, we train every single staff member on how to build a prestige stand from scratch. From our sales team to our CAD department, we feel it plays a vital role in the success of our business model. Here are five reasons why we do it:

   1. Understanding the system

Our employees must understand our unique Prestige Events System. Prestige creates stands that are reusable and reconfigurable, therefore making it a sustainable practice. This is something you do not see with other exhibition stand designs. So, with staff learning the ins and outs of building the modular framework, they can quickly appreciate how important our USP is to us as a business. This understanding can then be positively translated into the department they work within.

Jack and Lee building a stand in the early stages

   2. Hands-on experience

Staff members can get first-hand experience from working within a different department. This is a chance to get an insight into our build room were we 100% pre-build all of our stands before they are sent to the client at an exhibition. Of course, this is an approach that handily provides us with the opportunity to allow all of the workforce to do so. We believe gaining knowledge in this field will contribute largely to our overall organisation’s mission, and it shows!

   3. Building a connection

It can strengthen the understanding of one another’s work. It connects each department right down to the last piece of the puzzle, the build. All our divisions contribute in their own ways to making the stand even exist, so it is important to remind them of the role they play.

   4. Health & Safety

When our staff are learning the building process, they will also get a direct understanding of the health and safety procedures we have in place. Although we encourage our workforce to view stands in the building area, they must keep themselves safe, the installing staff safe, and, of course, the stand itself. Being directly involved in the build significantly makes our team more aware of all of those for when they do view a prestige stand in the build room.

   5. It’s fun!

We want to create a work environment where these opportunities are available to do so. It brings a different dynamic to their day and it is, unsurprisingly, something people might not normally do. We believe creating this culture can increase productivity and promote creativity, resulting in more wonderful stands being built for our clients.

Our CAD designers, Jack Thompson and Lee Sargeant were building their first prestige stand ever for clients, KSEYE. The design duo constructed a 3m x 2m corner stand, to be showcased at the Finance Professional Show 2022, London. Straight away, they got to grips with our Prestige Events System, quoting, “Once you understand the basics of clipping the parts of the framework together, it is very simple from there on out, plus you don’t even need any type of tools to build it.”

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