When and Why Should I Make The Move to a Reusable Stand?

Often, prospective clients have a long history of using disposable, cheap exhibition stands in an attempt to play it safe. These customers often question “is now the right time to invest in a reusable exhibition stand?” 

We understand that the switch to a modular, reusable stand can appear daunting. However, investing in reusability liberates you from recurrent sizable spends on underwhelming exhibits that end up in the bin. 

Playing the long game affords you a sustainable, reconfigurable, and long-lasting system that in the end saves you money! Truthfully, it is always better to take the plunge sooner rather than later.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

It can be tempting to purchase a cheaper product instead of its better-quality counterpart. 

As consumers, we all love a great deal. However, cheaper products have hidden costs that rack up in the long run, especially in exhibiting. Lower prices on one-use exhibits can signify low quality materials and craftsmanship, meaning your stand could be visually unimpressive. Not to mention, as one-use stands need redesigning and replacing every year, they cost you valuable time and money. 

The Analogy I Often Use

Invest wisely; If you need good boots, buy ones to last! When you buy a pair of Doc. Martens you only buy once because they last you for years. Whereas the fast-fashion knock-offs are too often unethical, cheaply made and rarely last the Winter. How many times have you bought cheap alternatives to save money, only to spend more than the cost of the quality product in replacements? 

Our Prestige Events System is the Doc. Martens of the exhibition industry, long-lasting, high-quality, and sustainable. Even better, instead of buying a new pair as you grow, you can reconfigure!

Reusable Exhibition Stand – Big Savings

Our value proposition is based around reusability. 

With our Free-Hire pricing plan, clients invest in their graphic panels while the stand structure, hardware and lighting is offered on a free-hire basis. This service includes professional stand installation and project management for stress-free exhibiting. Graphics are stored for free so long as clients continue to exhibit at least once a year.

After the initial investment, future exhibiting costs reduce by up to 70% as we only charge for installation, dismantle, and project management. Our Lifetime Free Design service gives our clients unlimited ability to redesign and reconfigure their stands for various spaces at zero extra cost!

By using our reusable exhibition stands, our clients have better looking stands, consistency in branding across shows and budget to spare. We are the trusted and affordable solution for hassle-free exhibiting.

A call to Marketing Managers

The event industry continues to grow, and is becoming even more valuable to companies! If you are a Marketing or Sales Manager tasked with sourcing an exhibition stand, we want you to think and invest wisely. 

Our reusable stands provide a long-term exhibiting plan as the more that you exhibit, the more money you will save. Every single day, it is true to say that there is no better time than now to invest in Free-Hire.

Our credentials and reviews prove that we are a reliable and trustworthy exhibition partner. Unlike a pair of Doc. Martens, the modularity of our system allows you to continually change your stand design as your brand grows and evolves. 

Be bold and invest in your brand through a reusable stand so you can enter a reliable partnership that will continue to deliver over and over again.


To see how our reusable stands may benefit you, contact our design team today at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal