What Quadrant2Design did in 2012

Originally known as Exhibit UK, the year started with a complete company re-brand. The company itself remained exactly the same (Exhibit-UK.Net Limited), but changed its trading name to Quadrant 2 Design, to reflect our more design-led approach. To facillitate this rebrand a whole new website was created alongside.

At the end of 2011, the decision was made to solely use the Prestige System for our Exhibition Stands, discarding every system we had worked with previously. In previous years, we’d offered a variety of build options, which included an aluminium profile called ‘Showorks’, and a steel construction called ‘Evo’. Both systems were okay, but they were heavy, cumbersome, and hard to transport. And because of all this, it meant there was no ‘self-build’ option for clients – there had to be a team present to construct it, which took longer and cost more. As well as this, all the graphics were interrupted by metal poles, opposed to prestige which offered seamless flowing Graphics on a larger scale. In addition, Prestige was lightweight, easy to install, easy to transport and offered the client to ‘self-build’ as well.


The switch to prestige officially came into effect at the start of 2012. The decision to switch was a big one, as it was essentially a ‘make or break’ situation.

Below: The old Showworks and Evo solutions

But boy did that decision pay off. We not only got more familiar with the system, but we were starting to discover different, creative things that it could do, like have integrated showcases, high-rise branding, attach rotating headers, have linking gantry’s and towerfixes. Suddenly this one solution we had before was now a plethora for new ideas and innovative designs.

To go hand in hand with this, we had two new designers come on board in 2012; first Carolina at the start of the year, and then Viviana in the summer. Their young, vivacious personalities echo in the bright, animated designs they produce, and together with Christo, our other in-house CAD designer, they form a solid team full of energy and creativity.

We also had Jenni join our Marketing team back in November fresh from Graduating from University and has since helped to develop the rapidly expanding social media presence online, in particular Twitter, and Caroline has just joined the Accounts department.

Below are but some of the fantastic Exhibition Stands we got the chance to make in 2012, which really started pushing our creativity to the next level. Sudocrem at the baby Show, H K Wentworth at the Gadget Show, and Towers Watson at NAPF.

And of course, our Graphics and Warehouse teams were busy renovating the Showroom just before Christmas.

So all in all, we had a busy year. And with the company ever growing, the recession officially over, and plenty of orders for Exhibition Stands in already, we’re expecting 2013 to be better than ever.