After months of planning for a trade show, you don’t want to get to the venue and find that you have forgotten something crucial to your stand. A lot of exhibition halls aren’t in the centre of towns, so sourcing something you have forgotten can be a challenge.

You obviously need to make sure you have enough staff to man the stand and allow for breaks. They need to be properly trained in the products, how to talk to customers and qualify leads. You will also need to source an exhibition stand for your booth.

Here we have a checklist of all the other essential items you may need for a trade show.

For your stand:

1.  Signage/stand – this goes without saying, but make sure you have all the components, it’s worth assembling it in the office before you go to make sure all the parts are there.
2. Literature – make sure you have plenty of brochures or other information to hand out to visitors.
3. Literature rack – to hold brochures and leaflets.
4. Promotional items – handing out branded merchandise is a good way to draw attention and ensure your brand remains in the visitors’ minds, just try and go for something useful like a memory stick or mouse mat.
5. Holder for promotional items – bowls or boxes.
6. Business cards – take more than you think you’ll need, you don’t want to run out.
7. Business card holder – having something to hold these will look better than a stack of cards.
8. Bowl to hold visitor business cards – you want to collect as many as possible so you will need a way to hold them.
9. Extension cables – there are often not enough plugs to charge phones/computers, take multi-sockets too.
10. Cable tidies – to neaten up the stand and hide the cables behind the furniture.
11. AV equipment – are you going to be using TVs, iPads or computers? If so, don’t forget them. Make sure you take the cables/chargers too.
12. Your presentation to run on the AV equipment – this is easily forgotten.
13. Exhibitor passes – you don’t want to have to pay on the door.
14. Name badges – these will help your staff seem more approachable and may help visitors remember them.
15. Phone chargers – useful for staff and visitors.
16. Storage boxes – you may find you leave with more than you came with, a box to carry it will be useful.

Office supplies:

1. Clipboards – on a busy stand there isn’t always room on the desk/table to take details.

2. Stapler – to staple information together for visitors.

3. Pens – you can never have enough, they always disappear.

4. Scissors – useful for opening boxes.

5. Permanent marker – useful for labelling boxes or creating a sign.

6. Paper clips – you never know when they might come in handy.

7. Notepads – for taking further information about prospects.

8. Bin bags

9. Tape – of all different types, can have a variety of uses.

Personal Items:

1. First aid kit – make sure you have plasters, painkillers, antiseptic cream and wipes for those little emergencies.
2. Hand sanitiser – you will probably be shaking hands with a lot of people so this will be useful, visitors may want to use it too.
3. Mints – steer clear of the onions at lunch but you might want mints just in case, you will be talking to people all day.
4. Safety pins – in case of a wardrobe malfunction.
5. Snacks – emergency supplies for staff will make you popular.
6. Cleaning wipes – in case of drink spills or other dirt you may find these useful.
7. Clean clothes – for each day of the trade show and extras in case of emergencies.
8. Comfortable shoes if you are wearing heals – these can be a life-saver at the end of a long day.

Like anything, for a successful trade show, preparation is key. It can be difficult to source things you have forgotten once you are there so planning for every eventuality will help the show run smoothly.  For help with your next exhibition stand call us on 01202 723 500 or email