A prospective client put this question to one of our Account Managers, the other day.

And it’s a fair question. One that deserves a detailed answer.

We’re pretty popular, in that we design, build and install, around 600 exhibition stands every year.

Every one must be perfect, as evidenced in our 900 ‘client reviews’.

So What's Our Secret?

Over the 22-years of our business, we’ve designed, managed and installed, a lot of exhibition stands.

Obviously we’ve met problems and issues, sometimes of our own making, but more often than not, caused by external third-parties.

The biggest difference with us (compared to our competitors) is that when problems arise, we determine the causes, and ruthlessly eliminate these causes, from our process, procedures and methodology.

This attitude, which has prevailed from our earliest days, has allowed us to evolve into a company with a rock-solid, design, build and installation methodology, that delivers perfect exhibition stands on-time, every time.

Reusable and sustainable exhibition stand at Professional Beauty Show.

So what do you do, that other exhibition companies don't..?

We overcome the failure of others

We learnt 22-years ago that the ‘other parties’ involved in an exhibition stand project, could not be relied upon, to apply the same rigour and discipline that we apply to a clients project.

This lead us to put every service we could, in-house, under our direct control. This includes CAD and graphic design, graphics printing and finishing, exhibition stand production, project management, transport, logistics and installations.

Over these ‘in-house functions’ we can exercise a fanatical level of organisation, process, and attention to detail.

Unfortunately… there are some services, provided by the Show Organisers, that we are forced to use. These include the shows electrical services, hall rigging, internet provision, and other such services provided at the venue.

Our process takes into account, that the organisation of these services will not be up to our standard. So we have involved numbers of procedures, checks and double-checks, to ensure that we compensate and cover, for the inadequacies of these other suppliers.

I can’t spell out what these measures are, because they are our trade secrets. But I can tell you they are a big part of our service, and our approach to providing you with a bullet-proof service.

We don't rely on "It'll be OK on the day"

A big part of our company ethos, is that we look for any elements of ‘risk’ involved in the delivery of your exhibition stand project, and using our knowledge, skills, and 22-years of experience, take what ever steps are necessary to eliminate those risks.

Every one of our procedures and quality sign-offs, has been implimented to prevent error or misunderstandings, and to eliminate, as far as is possible, all risk-factors that might affect the success of your project.

So no cutting corners and no ‘it’ll turn out alright’. And no taking risks with your exhibition stand.

We bring tremendous focus to your project

One of the major factors in Quadrant2Design’s success, is that we stick to what we’re the best at!

So we only design and build exhibition stands, in our amazing, exclusive, unequalled, Prestige Events System.

This means we don’t dabble (like other exhibition companies) with lot’s of miscellaneous ‘bargain-basement’ exhibition stand paraphernalia.

So we’re not distracted by dozens of other products and services, which would dilute our focus on delivering your exhibition stand.

Think of it this way: We design with ONE solution, We manufacture with ONE solution, We project-manage with ONE solution, and we install with ONE solution. This gives us an enormous level of focus on delivering a superb product and service.

We have a hard-earned reputation to protect

Moving on from ‘focus’ is the fact that in our world, we’re not a small player. In fact, we’re probably the most popular and active design and build contractor in the UK, with around 600 projects every year, and with a reputaion for quality, service, and bullet-proof reliability.

And in our area of the market – small to medium sized exhibition stands (9sq.M’s to 100sq.M’s), where the exhibitors wants a modular, reusable solution, we are simply the best at what we do.

We’re extremely proud of our reputation, but we don’t take it for granted. Knowing that it has to be re-earned at every opportunity, and on every project.

We answer questions, that our competitors find uncomfortable

We bang on a lot about checking the financial position of any exhibition contractor that you’re considering working with.

And there is a reason for this.

Unlike any other purchase, buying an exhibition stand carries an extremely serious risk.

If you fail to check the financial-credibility of your exhibition stand supplier, you not only risk losing your money, but you risk serious damage to your companys reputation.

In extreme cases, this can mean an exhibitor staring at an empty space, where their exhibition stand should be.

We welcome any question you may have about our financial postion. Please, please ask us – we have nothing to hide. The last time I looked, Experian had us at 96/100 and CreditSafe at 91/100.

But what about our competitors..?

you see your finished stand... weeks before the show


We're Owner Managed - and it shows