Quadrant2Design is proud to provide university students from all over the UK with high-quality paid internships across a wide variety of courses, disciplines and specialisms. We provide internship opportunities in departments including Marketing, Project Management and CAD Design and in 2024 this offering is expanding even further.

The company currently employs four students, three of whom are undertaking their university internship, while the fourth is our former Marketing intern who has continued working with us alongside her final year studies.

We asked them to share their honest opinions about undertaking a university internship with Quadrant2Design. We asked them what’s it like working at Quadrant2Design, as well as if and how they think their internship will benefit their knowledge and experience, ready for their future career.

Marketing Internships

In 2023, Annalise completed a four-month Marketing internship with Quadrant2Design as part of her Marketing course at Bournemouth University.

After returning to university Annie continues to work with Quadrant2Design as our part-time Marketing Assistant, alongside her final year studies. Here’s what Annie had to say about her time at Quadrant2Design.

“Quadrant2Design warmly welcomed me into their company for four months, but it has been so valuable and rewarding to both me and the company.

Even though I’m only a University student with little previous experience, they have been so encouraging in letting me voice my opinions and showing them my perspective. I have my own responsibilities within the company and I have a lot of freedom over what I’m doing here.

They have been great in encouraging me to make the most out of my time here, helping me to learn everything possible. My experience has gone beyond simple marketing, I’ve done interesting tasks such as SEO, link building, website maintenance and so much more- which is going to massively benefit me in my future career.

Quadrant2Design is a great place to work with great people, this company is perfect for a placement student.”

Annalise, Digital Marketing Intern, 2023

After Annie returned to university, the Quadrant2Design Marketing Team was joined by Katie, who studies Media Production at Bournemouth University and now fulfils the role of Digital Marketing Intern. She told us

“I wanted to use this year to understand the marketing industry more in-depth and expand my knowledge. Quadrant2Design is a great place to really get stuck into projects and work within a proper working environment, surrounded by a good team who really value your opinion.

I would recommend it for future placement students for sure! I think the learning you gain is great and you really get a feel for the working environment, something which I know I personally haven’t properly experienced before. I’ve also been working on things beyond marketing which is really expanding my knowledge ready to take back to my final year!”

Katie, Digital Marketing Intern, 2024

CAD Design Internships

Quadrant2Design has a long and successful history of university internships, particularly in our CAD Design department.

Our CAD and Technical Design Manager, Kajal, first joined the company in 2013-2014 on a 12-month Product Design internship within our Design team. After finishing her studies in 2015, she returned to the company as a full-time CAD Designer and has since become our CAD and Technical Design Manager, as well as Parts Manufacturing Designer.

In her role as CAD and Technical Design Manager Kajal oversees, manages and supports the Design team while also recruiting and training new CAD Designers. In her additional role as Parts Manufacturing Designer Kajal is also responsible for creating all of Quadrant2Design’s unique bespoke stand features ready for manufacture.

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Our CAD team also currently includes our Design interns Tanmay and Teagan, who are both studying Product Design at UWE (Bristol).

Here’s what Teagan had to say about her time at Quadrant2Design

“You learn so much in such a short amount of time. My abilities in most design skills (like Photoshop) have improved tenfold. I have also learnt completely new software that I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. Adding these softwares to my skillset will definitely make me feel more confident when applying for graduate jobs.

Working at Quadrant2Design has been an amazing experience that has allowed me to explore my love of design in a stress-free environment. Working here has been very rewarding in developing my skills and opening up new opportunities and areas of design for the future.

The people at Quadrant2Design are friendly and ambitious, always giving me guidance to make my designs the best they can be, whilst still making my voice heard and valued.”

Teagan, CAD Design Team Intern, 2024

Tanmay had this to say about working at Quadrant2Design

“As a CAD Designer at Quadrant2Design, you get to learn lots of different design software and skills which directly benefit your CV. You are not expected to be familiar with all the software and are taught everything from scratch. My technical and creative skills have improved drastically, which will benefit me a lot in my final year at university and in future jobs.

Because Quadrant2Design is full-service, I get to see my designs come to life. I now understand how the industry works, how to deal with clients and how to work in a design team. I have a very helpful team, who guide me and answer all of my questions. I also get a chance to explore other departments and see what kind of work they do.

I’ve worked with lots of different clients from different industries which has given me more exposure and experience of how designs change from sector to sector.

I think Quadrant2Design is a very good place to kick off your career in the industry.”

Tanmay, CAD Design Team Intern, 2024

So there you have it, a candid look at Quadrant2Design’s university internships, direct from the thoughts and experiences of our current students!

Are you currently on the lookout for your university internship? Whether it’s a Marketing internship, a Design internship, or something else altogether, contact Quadrant2Design at careers@quadrant2design.com. Send us your CV and we’ll be in touch!

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