We have again upgraded technology in the printing department to ensure we produce the up-most high quality for our clients. We are constantly looking to improve our equipment, as we continuously want to provide our customers with the highest-quality exhibition displays for their shows.

The new advanced, cutting-edge machine is an Epson SureColor SC-S80600, and we have bought three. We will be using this creative signage printer to enhance the graphic panels attached to the modular framework.

The Highest Quality Product

By introducing our new printers, quality, precision, and productivity have rised even further than before. The Epson has one of the most precise print heads available on the market, allowing the graphics to be as accurate and realistic as possible.

A new level of colour and clarity will be added to the graphics. Our seamless graphics will now be better than ever, bringing all the stand graphics to life thanks to our increased colour accuracy.

Environmental Benefits

Thanks to the latest generational technology Epson has created, it is now possible to print on a variety of substrates. The new equipment has allowed us to develop a bespoke printable material that is unique to us and tailored to our stands, not only does it improve the quality of the graphic panels, but they are also considerably more durable.

The majority of exhibition graphics have a high level of PVC, which is bad. We are using a polyester-based substrate and a polypropylene laminate for environmental reasons, expanding our business sustainability.

Due to the latest technological advancements, Epson printers have made, the use of paper to create our graphic panels is no longer needed. By drastically reducing our paper usage, we can contribute to reducing deforestation, and all the knock-on effects it can create. We are striving to always find the most environmentally friendly process to create our exhibition displays, as sustainability is a main focus of our business model.

The Main Key Features

Long Lasting Quality – Due to the increase in printing quality, all graphic panels will now have greater durability from ageing and general wear & tear. For example, using our free-hire system, clients can purchase durable graphic panels, and simply hire the modular framework on a free-loan basis. With no cost for stand structures, the client can reuse their graphics for a prolonged period of time, saving them the costs of an outright purchase.

Exceptional Accuracy – The accuracy of the new printer head will allow the utmost pinpoint precision graphics. Something we take pride in at Quadrant2Design is our ability to make our graphic displays so seamless next to one another, this new technology only enhances this feature.

Vibrant Colours – We can provide stands that are some of the most vibrant-looking at exhibition displays by enhancing the colour of our printed graphic panels. Clients can then utilize this benefit to draw in more traffic to their booth, as their graphics can be seen high above fellow exhibitors.

Here is one of our new Epson printers in action!

By heavily investing in improving our technology and thus, end product, we can continue to provide state-of-the-art exhibition stands for our customers.

To discuss your exhibition stand requirements, call us on 01202 723 500, or email design@quadrant2design.com.