In a bid to maintain our excellent record in customer service, we have upgraded to a new state of the art cutting machine. The new model is a Zund G3 M-2500 scalpel cutting machine, known to be a market leader. This new equipment will enable us to cut graphic panels and flooring to 0.5mm accuracy, giving a seamless look to the graphics on your exhibition stand. It will also speed up the cutting process, enabling us to turn jobs around very quickly.

It was a big investment, but we want to give customers the best possible solutions, so we are happy to invest in the right equipment. It will give a greater variety to the size and shape of the panels we can produce, and therefore give customers more options for their exhibition stands. The machine should last for over 15 years, so it is worth it.

Modular stands

Our custom modular stands are created using modular frames that slot together in different ways to create a unique look. These frames are then hung with graphic panels to give a seamless finish. You get the look of a custom built stand, with the flexibility of a modular stand. The modular system means that they are simple to erect and dismantle without the need for specialist tools. They pack down into small cases, making them easy to transport and store. They can then be reconfigured and reused for future shows, unlike custom built stands which are difficult to store and reuse so tend to be binned at the end of the show.

So it is important that the graphic panels we produce are of the highest quality, to give the best look. Investing in a state of the art cutting machine will help us to do this. We also offer photo flooring to really make your booth stand out, and the cutting machine will be used to digitally cut this.

Top quality product

Zund are known for their versatility as well as accuracy. The wide range of materials and processing methods make the cutting solutions almost universally applicable. They will cope with vinyl, acrylic or fabric so can be used for any type of graphic panel or floor. The wide range of tools and functions means it can cut any shape or size of panel, giving great flexibility. The whole process is automated, even the transport of materials, reducing the incidence of human error. It also completes the whole process quickly, enabling us to turn around last minute orders with ease.

Our mission is to provide customers with the best possible levels of quality and customer service when they hire or purchase one of our exhibition stands. That is why we have taken the decision to invest in a state-of-the-art digital cutter. It will give us more options on the size and shape of the graphic panels we produce, giving customers more options.

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