Welcome Radina

This is not the first time that Radina has been with the company. Her first experience was in 2013 when she worked as a Marketing and Sales Assistant for her University Placement as an International Sales and Marketing Management student of the VIA University College of Denmark.

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director of Quadrant2Design, is delighted to have Radina back with the Quadrant2Design team. “Radina is a true asset to the team, and it is wonderful to have her back. Her prior experience with the company as well as her varied language skills and unquestionable passion make her a great choice for the job.”

About Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design is the UK’s only supplier of the Prestige Exhibition System. Portable, modular and completely reusable, the Prestige Exhibition System requires no tools or special skills. Catering for all sizes of exhibition stands, the Prestige Exhibition System, provides seamless effect, high quality graphics that have a custom feel, whilst being cost effective. With an array of possibilities, including showcases, mounted LCD TV’s and high level branding, Quadrant2Design can create the perfect exhibition stand for any budget.