Join us as we follow Vault X on their exhibition journey. From the initial design ideas and exhibiting goals to the exhibition itself!

Who is Vault X?

Vault X is a brand based in Poole that specialises in creating trading card accessories. Trading cards hold significant value for collectors and players, so it’s crucial to keep them in good condition. Vault X provides binders and deck boxes that effectively protect these cards. The innovative company was established in 2017 and has been steadily growing ever since.

Vault X Exhibition Stand at The London Card show by QUadrant2Design

The Design

As an exhibition stand design and build contractor, Quadrant2Design understands the critical role of exhibition stands for businesses. Your exhibition stand serves as your identity when you are exhibiting. Because of this, it must effectively represent your branding, logos, ethos, and purpose as a company!

When clients first come to us, we offer them a free, no-obligation design proposal to showcase the type of stand we can provide. Some clients have a clear idea of what they want their stand to look like, while others need more guidance.

The design proposal is created using materials that are readily available to us, such as brand guidelines and logos. It’s important to note that this is not the final design. After this stage, our Design Consultants work with you, our Artworkers and CAD Designers to create the final design. We make as many iterations as needed to ensure the stand is perfect!

Emilio, our CAD Designer, and Tracey, our Design Consultant, discussed how they adapted our modular stands and utilised our flexible system and design features to impress with this brilliant stand.

The Vault X team had a clear vision for their stand visuals, features, and layout. They wanted to include their best-selling binder in their stand graphics, and our 100% graphic look really shined in this aspect. The giant, realistic binder impressed guests so much that they were feeling the material to double-check it wasn’t real! This element of the design made Vault X instantly recognisable to their fans and community and served as a great focal point for visitors to take photographs. The stand also included transparent panels for an interactive experience and allowed for pack battles to engage the community.


The Vault X team attended their pre-build at our showroom in Poole. Many clients appreciate the opportunity to see their stand ahead of the event. When you’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy on a project, it’s fantastic seeing it come to life. Experiencing this before event day is a great way to put your mind at ease and get excited before your show!

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Vault X Exhibiting Plan

The first show Vault X attended with their stand was The London Card Show, which took place on the 11th of May at Sandown Racecourse. The London Card Show is Europe’s largest card event; it takes place quarterly and was sponsored by Vault X in its early days. The show is renowned for popular card collections such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sports, Formula 1, UFC, Disney, and Marvel cards. Since it’s launch around 5 years ago, the show has been steadily growing in visitor numbers.

Designed with reconfigurability and reuse in mind, Vault X plans to take their stand throughout Europe and the US. Exhibiting with a modular stand is highly beneficial. Where components of the stand are reused, branding stays consistent, even if the entire stand is reconfigured. With standout features like the binder this is especially true!

More information on modular, reusable and reconfigurable stands…

Vault X Exhibition Stand at The London Card show by QUadrant2Design

The Importance of Exhibiting

In-person marketing is valuable to all companies, but it’s crucial when you function mostly online. Face-to-face marketing puts a face to your brand and allows you to build strong customer relationships. Vault X utilised this opportunity to build positive memories with their brand that will help generate future sales.

Feeling Safe with Quadrant2Design

At Quadrant2Design, we aim to make exhibiting as stress-free as possible. All our services, including design, printing, pre-build, Project Management, stand transport, installation, and dismantling, are conducted in-house. This allows us to ensure each stand is perfect.

Beyond this, we are always looking for additional ways to support our clients throughout the exhibition, even with pre and post-show marketing.

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