Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall

Quadrant2Design is always on the lookout for innovative ways to help our clients make the most of their exhibition stand. Our newest innovation, the LED Video Wall combines high-definition LED display technology with our established Prestige Events System, to seamlessly integrate visually spectacular moving imagery into the walls of your stand.

This new feature has an outstanding array of possible applications.

Product or service demonstrations

There are few better ways to illustrate the merit of your product or service than through a demonstration. During a demonstration, your customers are able to see for themselves how your product works or how you go about offering your service. Unfortunately, demonstrations are often not feasible within the confines of an exhibition hall. That’s where our LED Video Wall comes in.

An LED Video Wall allows for product and service demonstrations to take place elsewhere, with the video footage being displayed to your stand visitors at your event.

A good example could include food preparation and cooking. To implement a demonstration like this you’d not only need cooking facilities but would also use a massive amount of ingredients while completing the demonstration multiple times throughout the day.

With a video demonstration, this could be done just once and played on a loop for your stand visitors. This removes the need for cooking facilities on your stand and means much less wastage of ingredients. It also frees up your team to speak to visitors and generate leads.

Real-world footage

Exhibitions can sometimes feel like they take place in a vacuum. Stands are filled with imagery and literature, and exhibitors do their best to explain sometimes abstract concepts to visitors, but it can be tough to make sure messages are properly understood. The LED Video Wall bridges this gap and brings the “real world” outside the exhibition hall directly onto your stand.

Examples could include a fire service company highlighting the speed at which flames can engulf a room. Obviously setting a fire within the confines of the exhibition hall is not an option but, with an LED Video Wall, footage of the rapid growth of a fire could be shown to visitors to highlight the importance of fire safety.

Other examples might include footage of extreme weather, the melting of the polar ice caps, wild animals, bulky vehicles, large-scale events and performances; the list goes on and on!


Many companies will use animations to demonstrate their point; whether this is highlighting the problem they aim to solve, showcasing the intricate details of their product or service, or simply animating an emotional message without the need for real-world footage.

Whatever the animation, displaying it on your stand through an LED Video Wall can offer an extremely effective way of getting that message in front of your target audience, while they’re already engaged with your brand. Much like a demonstration, seeing something in video form will often be more effective in helping visitors understand your message than if you were to just verbally tell them.

Virtual brand representatives

Employing celebrity brand representatives is a popular strategy that many companies use to associate their brand with a well-established personality. Celebrities, however, are often very busy people who, unfortunately, are unlikely to be able to appear at exhibitions on behalf of the company.

With the LED Video Wall, a celebrity brand representative can be virtually present on your stand, strengthening the association without the need for a physical appearance.

Alternating marketing messages

No matter how big your stand is there are always limits to the amount of messaging that can be included in your panels. Visitors will not want to stand around reading, and filling your panels with masses of text will often put visitors off even coming onto your stand.

If you have a lot to say, or need to explain a complex message, an LED Video Wall can provide an excellent solution. With an LED Video Wall, the panels of your stand can become a constantly changing cycle of messaging. This prevents visitors from getting bored reading large amounts of static text, and they may even stick around longer to find out what comes next.

This LED Video Wall makes the absolute best of the space you have available and can allow for lots of messaging to be included in a relatively small space.

These are just some of the potential uses for the new Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall. Perhaps you have some ideas of your own? To discuss how the LED Video Wall can benefit your next exhibition project, get in touch with our design team on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.