Unforgettable Photo Floor
Cloverleaf Industries – big fish in the aquatic world!

Cloverleaf exhibiting at Aqua

Cloverleaf Industries are about to exhibit at Aqua 2019, in Telford International Centre. For the first time, they will be using a brand new Prestige stand with an unforgettable photo floor theme!

Our client Cloverleaf fell in love with this fun koi fish pond idea when they saw it in our initial design proposal we prepared them. They liked the idea so much they chose Quadrant2Design to design and supply their whole stand for Aqua 2019.

Cloverleaf Industries are the best suppliers of high-grade Japanese-bred Koi, specialised food, treatments, and pond accessories. All products, except the actual koi, of course, will be beautifully displayed at the show in illuminated, 4D graphic, Prestige showcases which are sure to catch the eyes of passers-by.

Cloverleaf Industries - big fish in the aquatic world!
Cloverleaf Industries - big fish in the aquatic world! 1


Take a look at these sneaky shots we snapped of the freshly printed fish floor all rolled out in our warehouse’s pre-build zone.

All custom flooring will be freshly printed (we will never use the same floor more than once) and rolled out ready for our print checking process before every event. This is one of our important processes to ensure total production perfection.

The main stand is being pre-built this week and we cannot wait to see everything all together! Our 100% pre-build promise gives our production team to check the whole stand over thoroughly before its exhibiting debut.
You can read more about this here.

If you’re attending Aqua 2019, you can visit Cloverleaf on stand B15 in the Telford International Centre.

Photo flooring options

The wonderful thing about custom printed flooring is that it’s a completely blank canvas! Anything you can dream of can be printed on your custom stand flooring to provide a fun and unforgettable exhibiting environment tailored to your brand and style.

Settings and themed environments can be created by using realistic-looking textures and photos like grass, tiles, sand and water.

Have a flick through the slideshow to the right for more fantastic flooring ideas.

I’ll leave you PONDering over these for a while, but we’d love to show you what we can do in a FREE set of design visuals. Contact our design team here to explore your options.

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