Choose the perfect palette for your exhibition stand

Creating marketing materials are not an exact science when it comes to the colours that you employ. Remember to consider the context that you’re working within, what feeling and mood you’re looking to evoke towards your product and/or service.

  • Blue

Inspires trust and security

  • Red

Encourages urgency and impulse buying

  • Yellow 

Promotes clarity and ease of use of the product

  • Orange

Used as a strong call to action to do something

  • Green

Promotes healthy products

  • Purple

Represents creativity and quality


Stephan “The Exhibition Guy” Murtagh has 25+ years’ experience in the exhibition and events industry and has worked with many of the biggest organisers in the industry. As a qualified Fetac trainer, he set-up The Exhibition Guy to educate and train people on how to sell more, his website features module-based courses and coaching for real-life situations within the sector.