Find out how to select your staff, arrange important client meetings, plan stand activities and more in under three minutes!

Welcome to our bitesize guide to event preparation! You’ll know everything about stage three of the exhibition planning process in under three minutes.

Each week we are covering a different stage of trade show planning. Last week we gave you a bitesize guide to organising your exhibition stand. In this article you’ll learn how to prepare for your event by following these steps:

    • Selecting your staff
    • Planning stand activities
    • Sourcing and ordering promotional products
    • Arranging meetings
    • Training your staff

Next week we’ll cover everything you need to know about venue arrangements, including how to order onsite services and complete your show catalogue entry. If you can’t wait that long then click here to download your free planning tool and get a head start. Other than that, let’s get into the third stage of exhibition planning:

Selecting your staff

Choosing your booth staff is one of the hardest planning steps for any exhibitor. Get it right and your show will be a huge success, get it wrong and you risk walking away empty-handed.

You want to generate hot leads and close deals. You do this by talking to visitors and building relationships. A lot of booth staff spend the day sat down, scanning every badge that will let them – that will harm your ROI.

The best team always have tons of experience, people skills, a positive attitude and proof of sales. Choose people that know your business and product inside out and make sure they are confident crowd gatherers.

It also helps to bring a tech team in case anything goes wrong throughout your event.

Planning stand activities

It’s a good idea to run a competition or integrate a game into your exhibition stand to increase traffic and generate leads. A lot of exhibitors host competitions or giveaways to encourage people to leave their contact information.

Sourcing and ordering promotional products

Some people visit exhibitions just for freebies. You don’t want to miss out on additional footfall by forgetting to source and order your promotional products and marketing literature.

Choosing the right product is important as delegates will usually take these freebies away with them. Items like pens, notebooks and desk calendars will help you to spread your branding beyond the exhibition hall.

Arranging meetings

Your exhibition marketing strategy begins way before the event does and if you’re missing this step then you’re already tarnishing your ROI. There is a high chance that there will be important, relevant professionals at your industry-specific event. You should aim to arrange meetings with them before you get there.

Arranging meetings, either on your exhibition stand or in the evening, is a good way to strengthen relationships with existing clients and close deals with new ones. It is more cost-effective for both parties to get together whilst in the same city so don’t waste this opportunity.

You won’t be the only business trying to book in a time with the top bosses, your competitors will be as well. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange a meeting with your important clients.

Training your staff

Having the right staff is important, but you can’t pin all of the responsibility on them. You are the one who has researched the shows and organised the exhibition stand. You must train your staff so that they know what to expect when they get there.

Ensure your booth staff are confident talking about your business and your product, able to attract and qualify a lead quickly and comfortable using the lead capture system you are using. The rest should come naturally if you’ve got the right team.

To keep these guides short and easy to digest, we’ve broken the event planning stage down into two parts. There is a lot to do! Don’t panic, with these bitesize guides and this free planning template your next exhibition will be a huge success.