Bitesize Guide from Quadrant2Design

Welcome to our bitesize guide to finalising your trade show venue arrangements! You’ll know everything about stage four of the exhibition planning process in under three minutes.

Each week we are covering a different stage of trade show planning. We’ve already given you a bitesize guide to:

In this article you’ll learn how to finalise your venue arrangements by following these steps:

    • Submit required documentation
    • Check the ‘early bird’ deadlines
    • Order onsite services (electricity, internet, furniture etc.)
    • Complete show catalogue entry
    • Book exhibitor passes

Next week we’ll cover everything you need to know about arranging accommodation and transport for your next trade show. If you can’t wait that long then click here to download your free planning tool and get a head start. Other than that, let’s get into the fourth stage of exhibition planning:

Submit required documentation

The venue will require you to submit some documents to ensure you are complying with their regulations. The forms may be different depending on the show or what space you have booked.

Typically, you will be required to submit technical drawings of your stand, a risk assessment and a two-way lead recording form. There may be more depending on the show. The deadlines for these forms will be in the exhibitor’s handbook.

Check the ‘early bird’ deadlines

The early bird deadlines are important for anyone looking to save money on their exhibition planning. These dates offer deadlines for reduced rates on on-site services and other things that you book through the venue.

Occasionally the early bird deadlines will be printed in the exhibitor’s handbook alongside all the contact information. This is handy and can save you some time so always check the handbook when you receive it.

If it’s not there you’ll have to reach out to the event organiser and ask them to provide you with deadlines so you can continue your exhibition planning and venue arrangements.

Order onsite services (electricity, internet, furniture etc.)

There are a lot of additional services that you will have to order through the venue to have a successful trade show. These include things like electricity, water, waste and internet. Ordering your onsite service depends on two factors: space only or shell scheme. And the early bird deadlines.

Shell scheme spaces are sold as part of a package, which usually includes the cost of electricity but could include more or less of the onsite services. If you have chosen space only then you will have to factor in the cost of flooring as well as the other onsite services.

To save money on onsite services, make sure that you order them before the early bird deadlines. This is the one time that you will be permitted to go against the planning template, use it wisely.

Complete show catalogue entry

Event organisers like to show off their impressive lists of exhibitors in a show catalogue. This will usually be an online magazine or PDF that visitors and exhibitors can download to find out who else is attending.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to kick start your pre-show marketing. We’ll go into much more detail on this step in an upcoming bitesize guide.

Book exhibitor passes

By now, I’m sure you are not surprised to learn that we have worked with people who forgot to book their exhibitor passes. Obviously, this isn’t the end of the world. But it will cause you a lot of unnecessary stress and panic in the run-up to your show. That’s why it’s on the list.

Summing it all up

Getting the last few venue arrangements wrapped up is more admin than anything else, but it’s very important. If you turn up at a trade show without completing any of these steps then you’re asking for disaster.

Download this free exhibition planner designed by our expert project managers to make sure that you don’t miss any of these crucial steps. And come back next week to get clued up on all of your transport and accommodation needs.