We’ve put a lot of thought into the layout and ambience our design studio and factory.

And we’ve created a space that fosters great design, while facilitating the unique production processes, that lead to perfect exhibition stands, time and time again.

Showroom & Studio

You can’t expect the best from great designers, if you shut them away in a shabby office.

Our open-plan environment allows for great collaborations. And working within, and surrounded by, our showroom displays provides fantastic inspiration.

Meeting and Presentation Lounge

When you visit, we want you to be comfortable. Take the weight off your feet, relax, maybe with a coffee?

We use this area to discuss projects, present designs and visuals, and sometimes, to put the world to right.

This area includes a kitchen, so the odd biscuit might even be on offer!

Project Management & Logistics

This is the Engine Room of our business. Where all the planning gets done, and all the decisions get made.

Natural inhabitants include our Operations Director, Harry, and our team of Project Managers and Schedulers.

Central to this area, are impressive planning walls, that allow us to map-out the 600 stands we build every year.

Pre-Build Zone

Here is an area that you won’t see at any other exhibition contractor. That’s because we’re the only exhibition company that pre-builds clients exhibition stands.

12,000 square feet of space, dedicated to the pre-build and quality checking, of every exhibition stand we create for our clients.

Here, you get the opportunity to visit and inspect your exhibition stand, weeks before the ‘real’ installation at your event.