How to Make Your Exhibition Stand Come to Life

At any exhibition or trade show every exhibitor there will be trying to outdo the other in terms of their stand creativity. So, how can you capture those valuable leads and sales for your business in a busy exhibition hall?

How do you make your exhibition stand, stand out? These are the 6 design features you need to focus on:

  • Stand Structure
  • Height and Movement
  • Product Showcasing
  • Lighting Displays
  • Audio Visual Features
  • Photo-Flooring.

It is important to remember that exhibitions are an excellent chance to close deals with influential key decision-makers in buying mode. According to The Centre for Exhibition Industry Research, 83% of exhibition attendees have buying authority and 79% use these events to make big purchase decisions about their business.

Exhibitions give your business the unique opportunity to generate a huge number of potential leads with customers you can interact with personally all in one place. This means the scale of sales and leads possibilities for your business cannot be underestimated.

But with the bigger players in your industry exhibiting with expensive and extravagant stands, the biggest challenge for exhibitors is attracting attendees to their stand in such a highly competitive environment.

But even if you have a small space for your exhibition stand you can still make a big impact by implementing innovative design features that will create a great impression and engage your visitors. Nor do you need to worry about not having the same budget as the bigger players in your industry. Exhibiting with the right design features, striking aesthetics and some clever use of lighting can really set you apart from the crowd.

Let’s explore the design features that will get you noticed at an exhibition . . .

1. Stand Structure – Coming Out of Your Space

Before you make a decision on the eye-catching design features to include on your stand, you first need to determine what your stand structure is going to be.

You may have noticed that exhibition stands can come in pretty much any size, shape or formation you could possibly think of. Walk around any exhibition and you will see exhibitors who, whatever their size of space, have utilised their area with incredible and dynamic eye-catching structures, but sadly most don’t.

In fact, given the range of structures available to exhibitors you have to wonder why so many settle for flat walls without any design features. Whether you’re in a shell scheme or a space only, a small space or a large one, there is simply no excuse for this.

At one end of the scale, you will see exhibitors in a shell scheme with either seamless shell scheme graphics or in an open space with pop up displays. Although on a basic level these solutions can at least provide a branded exhibition display they have no shape or style beyond a flat surface. But more importantly, the flat walls or pop displays mean you are unable to incorporate design features such as product or AV displays as part of your exhibition.

At the other end of the scale, the bigger players at an exhibition will opt for expensive custom build stands. These stands are limitless in terms of their style and shape possibilities.

Made from wood, metal, glass – and pretty much every other material you can imagine – these structures are only really built for a single-use exhibition. One of the main reasons companies choose this option is because their stand can be built taller than their competitors – giving them a sense of dominance in the exhibition hall.

But with this type of stand all the cost is in the structure, and as the structure is more expensive it often means the companies that use them tend to opt for more simplistic graphic designs.

However, most exhibitors fall somewhere between these two options. They want a stand structure that is exciting and unique – without losing out on graphic impact and engaging design features – and all on a sensible budget across their exhibiting calendar.

That is why a modular stand is great option for most exhibitors, and one of the most versatile, creative and functional modular systems is the Prestige Event System that is exclusive to Quadrant2Design.

This system allows exhibitors to create a distinctive 3D structure, while also being entirely clad in seamless-effect graphics. But apart from giving exhibits an edge over their competitors in terms of style this structure allows an exhibitor the ability to incorporate a whole range of exceptional design features that wouldn’t be possible with a basic modular system. Let’s look at some of those design ideas in more detail.

2. Height and Movement – Standing Tall

Surprisingly, many exhibitors don’t consider the height of their stand when creating their exhibition design. But they are missing out of one of the best ways to get their stand, and brand, noticed across the busy exhibition floor.

High-level branding definitely makes a bold statement about your business. By towering above your competitors you will not only look superior but will catch the eye of attendees when they enter the hall.

There is no excuse for not going tall with your exhibition. Even if you have a shell scheme you can extend the height of your stand by removing your ceiling grid. But high level branding doesn’t just have to be a case of extending your back wall by a couple of meters. Effective as this is in getting noticed, there is an even better way . . .

Nothing attracts attention on an exhibition stand like movement. A branded rotating header, sitting on top of your exhibition stand continuously rotating 360°, is a sure fire way to get you noticed in a hall of hundreds of other exhibitors.

And the great thing about rotating headers is they can be used on all variety of shapes and sizes of exhibition stands. What is more, you can also illuminate your rotating header, creating a light-up sign to showcase your brand.

By adding a feature that is high and moving, you will draw the eye of visitors and attract further traffic to your stand.

3. Product Showcasing – Think Outside the Box

If you’re exhibiting products on your stand then you want to draw attention to them in the best and most creative way. But with so many exhibitors trying to push their products to potential customers, how can you make sure your products will get noticed? Sorry, but simply having a shelf or a box display on your stand isn’t going to excite your audience.

A product showcase in its simplest form is a hollowed out space in your exhibition stand to display your product. Think of it like a department store window display. Having a dynamic and stunning product showcase that catches the attention of attendees can make the difference between visitors stopping at your stand or passing you by.

Get creative with the different shapes and sizes you can use for your product showcases. For something enticing and eye-catching, did you know you can use 3D effect showcases to show off your product? Or how about using an edge-lit engraved acrylic signs at the front of the showcase, essentially creating a decorative window through which the product can be viewed?

Another option is to display your products in less obvious places of your exhibition. End of wall showcases are hollowed out product displays at the end of your exhibition stand. This not only makes your exhibition stand more interesting but as these showcases are at the front of your exhibition they are more likely to capture the attention of visitors who might otherwise have walked past.

When it comes to showcasing your products at an exhibition, you need to think outside the box if you are going to get noticed and attract visitors to your stand.

4. Lighting Displays – Outshine Your Rivals

Another feature that is often neglected by exhibitors is lighting. In a brightly lit exhibition hall, you might be tempted to think adding lighting features, beyond a few display lights, to your stand is unnecessary. But effective use of lighting on your exhibition can be a great way to add that extra “wow” factor to your stand.

Brightness helps to focus attention and, by nature, humans are attracted to bright spaces. Using lighting features to illuminate certain areas of your stand means the visitor’s eye will be automatically be drawn to where you want it to go.

Back-lit LED Illuminated graphics are one obvious way of effectively using lighting to highlight your brand on an exhibition stand, but a real show-stopping feature would be colour-changing edge-lit acrylic graphics.

Sounds complicated. What does this mean? This is essentially a sheet of acrylic that is engraved with your logo or graphics. But the significant difference is that the engraved parts light up and change colour while the backdrop is dark, producing the illusion of floating letters or logos. It is a highly versatile feature that can be used in a multiple of ways. It can be used as a standalone feature to promote your brand, or it can be used a window for your showcase – creating an exciting lighting display for your product.

As you might already know, illuminating your product showcases can make a huge impact in attracting sales at your stand. As well as the dynamic edge-lit feature, you can obviously use lighting to showcase your products in illuminated display spaces within your stand. But if you have a whole range of products you want to display you might prefer them to be out on a counter-top where attendees can come and experience them.

The trouble is products sitting on a counter is that they probably won’t look all that exciting . . . not unless you use lighting. One option is to simply have display lights shining down on the products. But this can be complicated to do and means having to use overhead cables. A more effective option is to use an LED illuminated plinthtop. This will have the effect of lighting up your products from below and making them more enticing to attendees.

5. Audio Visual Features – Raise One’s Sights

When it comes to demonstrating how your product or service works in the real world, a popular and effective option for many exhibitors is the incorporation of Audio Visual (AV) devices on their exhibition stand. Showing attendees what your product or service is capable of on a visual level with a digital screen on your stand is now an essential requirement for many exhibitors.

Different screen sizes will serve different purposes. Smaller screens are perfect for one-to-one interaction between your salespeople and the customer. But to catch visitor attention across a busy exhibition hall you could consider integrated 60” screens. Or to take your AV display to the next level, how about a fully integrated screen wall, effectively creating a huge 126” screen?

There is no doubt that adding an AV dimension to your stand will take your exhibition to the next level. However, this doesn’t just have to be a large TV screen on your back wall playing a video pretention on a loop. For a more engaging feature, why not use ipads or tablets?

Exhibition visitors love it when they have something they can interact with and having a touchscreen device on your stand will certainly increase traffic to your booth.

Research has shown that more people are drawn to electronic devices as they find talking to a salesperson daunting. So this can be a great way to sell your products or services without being too pushy. What is more, if visitors have to add log-in details to use your device then this can be a subtle form of lead generation.

But where do you display these AV features? If people have to walk into a booth past salespeople to get to the device then they might be less likely to use them. The best position then is to display these devices in end of wall showcases which are at the front of the booth. As these are on the aisle where visitors are walking past, they are more likely to stop and play with them. And as they are doing this, the salespeople on your stand have the perfect opportunity to approach them and start a conversation.

6. Photo-Flooring – Wipe the Floor With Your Competition

The exhibition flooring area can often be an overlooked or last minute choice for exhibitors. This is a shame because there are few better ways to make the most of your space than extending your visually stunning graphic display into your floor space – especially if you don’t have a large area for your exhibition.

Walk around any exhibition event and you’ll see that most of the aisles and booths have indistinguishable drab grey carpets. Many exhibitors don’t consider their floor display because they assume most people will just use the flooring the venue has offered. And quite often they will be right.

This means if you opt for photo-flooring they you have a golden opportunity. Not only does photo-flooring create great impact, it can be the feature that really sets you apart from the competition. What is more, photo-flooring creates a fully branded environment for your exhibition space and if you’re area isn’t as big as some of your competitors this can give you an edge.

At Quadrant2Design, your graphic-flooring is manufactured by printing at a high-resolution onto a specialist vinyl floor – meaning it is a vibrant photo-floor that is safely laid on your stand space.

Many exhibitors come to us as we are the only exhibition company to offer this unique eye-catching photo-flooring design feature as an integral part of our service.

A Whole Range of Unique Design Features

Whether it’s curved walls, rotating headers, end of wall showcases, illuminated counter-tops, or colour-changing edge-lit acrylic graphics, at Quadrant2Design, we have a variety of design ideas to take your exhibition stand to the next level. What is more, as we are the UK’s exclusive supplier of Prestige Event System we have developed a range of attention-grabbing exhibition solutions for this truly unique system. And as all of our design features are exclusive to us and our Prestige Event System, you can be confident your exhibition will stand apart from the competition.