Maggie joins the installers for self-build exhibition stand training.

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are easy to assemble; they use clean building methods and pack into easily transportable cases. Our lovely installers, Harry and Gregg, taught Maggie how to build an exhibition stand just as they would teach our purchase clients. Follow through the video for more insights!

Buy to Self-Build or Free-Hire Plan

When you exhibit with Quadrant2Design, you can either Buy to Self-Build or, you can use our Free-Hire Plan.

The Free-Hire Plan allows clients to invest in their graphic panels while hiring the stand structure for free. This plan includes expert Project Management, a full pre-build before the show, stand transportation, installation, dismantling, and return to storage. Additionally, we provide free storage for the stand as long as clients exhibit up to once a year. This option is entirely stress-free, simply turn up ready to exhibit!

Alternatively, clients can choose to purchase the exhibition stand. In this case, the client buys the graphics and the stand structure, stores it, and installs it themselves. Clients who participate in numerous shows outside of Europe, often use this method. Purchase clients receive stand training, similar to Maggie’s in this pre-build video, as well as access to a wealth of training videos.

Easy-to-Assemble Self-Build Exhibition Stand

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are incredibly easy and safe to assemble. Our stand structures utilise a concertina-style design, allowing them to expand and lock into place with clips. These individual components are locked together to make up the full stand. Graphic panels are then placed on top of this stand structure and attached using durable magnetic bars. The panels seamlessly join together to create a 100% graphic look!

Easy Pack-up and Transport

Quadrant2Design stands are just as easy to dismantle as they are to assemble. Graphic panels roll up to be stored in tubes, while the stand structure unclips and collapses into easily transportable packing cases. Because these stands are constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminium, they are easy to move. A standard exhibition stand can be transported in a regular estate car. And, if that’s too much trouble, you can always opt for the Free-Hire Plan!

No Dust, No Fumes, No variables

Today in Pre-Build - Quadrant2Design - Self-build Exhibition Stand

Quadrant2Design uses a completely clean-build system that uses no tools, other than a ladder, and creates no fumes. Traditional custom-build stands use MDF or acrylic and require cutting, building, or finishing touches on the day of the event. This creates harmful dust and fumes, and it leaves room for errors or mishaps on the event day. with Quadrant2Design exhibition stands, nothing is left to chance. The way stands look in pre-build, is exactly how they look on event day.

For more information on our commitment to no-dust, view our article on the Dust Kills Campaign


We hope Maggie’s training day has given some insights into our easy-to-assemble, clean-build system.

For more information on self-building stands, get in touch with our design consultants on or +44 (0)1202 723 500.

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