Jessy Morrison, one of our fantastic CAD designers, joins us in pre-build to discuss the Solved by AI stand features.

Solved by AI recently attended Retail Technology Show 2024, and this pre-build was one of our final quality checks ahead of the show. 

Who are Solved by AI?

The innovative company offers advanced business solutions utilising the power of AI and machine learning. Their specialised AI-powered tools can effectively address complex operational and HR challenges with the help of data engineering, predictive modelling, forecasting, and optimisation techniques. 

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Stand Features

Jessy gives us a detailed overview of three key features on the Solved by AI exhibition stand; the Towerfix, the Rotating Header, and the Backlit Graphics (backlits). 

  • The Towerfix 

The Towerfix feature is a versatile cylindrical feature that serves multiple purposes. With additional showcases, it can be used for product display, but it can also provide more graphics space, and create a dynamic atmosphere that generates interest. In this particular case, the Towerfix feature is being used to showcase the various brands that utilise Solved By AI. It also features our backlit rotating header, which is an uncommon combination! However, since the stand has an open design, using the Towerfix as a centrepiece creates a dynamic focal point that captures attention, so the combined features work well. 

  •  The Backlit Rotating Header 

The Rotating Header is one of our most popular features, as it ensures brand visibility from every angle. 

Backlighting on these features looks unique and captures the attention of prospective customers. 

  • Backlit Graphics 

Backlit graphics are among the most versatile of our exhibition stand features. As Jessy points out, we can create backlit graphics in many shapes and sizes as they are highly customisable. The features draw attention to your stand, generate interest, and help distinguish you from competitors.

Solved by AI at Retail Technology 2024

Our Pre-Build guarantee 

Quadrant2Design pre-builds each of our stands ahead of every show and invites clients to attend to view their stand before the event and test out features.

The Importance of Pre-Build

Attending your Pre-Build 

Unfortunately, Solved by AI was unable to attend their pre-build on this occasion. However, when clients cannot attend their pre-build, our experienced Project Managers conduct a virtual tour consisting of photos, videos and video calls. 

If you are interested in exhibiting with us, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email