At Quadrant2Design, all services, including initial design, printing, project management, exhibition stand transport, and dismantling, are carried out by our highly skilled and reliable in-house team. Our failsafe systems make us the go-to supplier for those exhibiting across Europe and the UK. 

Keeping this in mind, join us in pre-build with SimilarWEB’s exhibition stand! Our client is preparing for their show, Money 20/20, which will take place in Amsterdam from the 4th to the 6th of June. The show hosts thousands of key buyers; perfect SimilarWEB with their useful marketing tool.

SimilarWEB’s platform allows users to analyse competitors’ website traffic, broken down into six useful categories. Our client just exhibited at BrightonSEO where we had a great catch-up on their exhibiting success. For more information on their appearance at the show, view the full BrightonSEO visit video here.

SimilarWEB render by Quadrant2Design

Exhibiting in Europe

Exhibiting in Europe hosts a range of benefits for your company. Europe is home to some of the world’s most prestigious and influential trade shows and holds the greatest international attendance numbers. Therefore, European trade shows offer unparalleled networking opportunities, invaluable brand exposure, and an excellent platform to expand into new markets.

Quadrant2Design can handle any Exhibition in Europe

If you have ever exhibited abroad, you might have experienced the stress of finding a trustworthy exhibition stand partner. Lot’s of companies use separate contractors for their UK and overseas, and truthfully this comes with some risks. Exhibiting with multiple contractors can lead to disjointed branding and mismatched stands, as each company uses a different exhibiting solution. Not to mention, many companies subcontract aspects of their service, which can lead to errors.

At Quadrant2Design we never subcontract, even across shows in Europe. We use no shipping agency and no external contractors. We believe subcontracting causes risks, as you lose control of that aspect of your service. By conducting all of our services with our in-house team, we are able to guarantee a perfect service.

Your stand is in safe hands, as our in-house installers are experienced with European exhibitions and regulations. They even drive the stand from the UK to your event as this is the safest exhibition stand transport; arriving a day early to avoid any logistical issues!

Pre-Build Systems 

On top of a hand-delivered service, Quadrant2Design has a range of failsafe systems to guarantee exhibition stands are perfect on the day. If you would like more information on the importance of pre-build, you can visit our exhibition advice article.

  • Before starting the pre-build, dividing barriers are placed to define the building space.
  • Once defined, the pre-build team fully builds the stand within the assigned space.
  • Project Managers supervise the build and quality-check the stand.
  • At this point, clients can visit the stand for a final quality check and feature testing.
  • Once quality-checked, everything in the barriers, must stay within the barriers.
  • Next, the stand is carefully packed into boxes within the assigned space.
  • Under close supervision of the Project Manager, the boxes are escorted to a dedicated bay in “the cage”.
  • The space is securely locked once the move is complete, and no items can be removed.
  • The Project Manager then signs off on the stand to certify that they have supervised the entire process.
  • The same rules apply during exhibition stand transport. Supervised by the Project Manager, everything within the cage must be transported to the assigned van.
  • The mantra is “what goes in the walls, stays in the walls, and goes to the exhibition!” 

These rules and methods are our guarantee to you, that as your exhibition partner, we will never allow error to affect your stand. Everything we do is to ensure success on event day.

If you would like to learn more about our pre-build systems, Maggie Clemence recently put our safety measures to the test with a very funny prank in pre-build!


When you have spent months planning an exhibition, investing money and care to make sure it all goes well, a delay or error can be catastrophic. It’s crucial you choose a reliable exhibition stand contractor with good failsafe systems.

To avoid issues, we recommend asking your exhibition stand partner these 9 crucial questions before going ahead with an exhibition stand. We strongly recommend avoiding any contractor who cannot meet these criteria.

Contact our design team today if you’re looking to exhibit! Call us at 01202 723 500 or email for a free no-obligation design proposal.