Join Maggie in our pre-build area as she discusses maximising ROI (Return on Investment) while showcasing the new Kuflink stand!

Who is Kuflink?

Kuflink is an award-winning peer-to-peer investment platform, that allows you to invest in short-term loans secured on UK property.

Our client is exhibiting with a brand-new stand from Quadrant2Design at NACFB Commercial Finance Expo 2024! This year’s event will be taking place on the 26th of June, at the NEC, Birmingham.

The NACFB Commercial Finance Expo is the UK’s largest intermediary-led trade show for commercial finance professionals. Exhibitors are predominantly commercial lenders, ranging from high street and challenger banks to specialist and boutique funders!

At the exhibition, Kuflink are focusing on unregulated bridging, Mezzanine Second Charge loans, Development Finance (light and heavy refurbishment) and Equitable Charges. They will also have two expert underwriters to answer questions on the platform!

The Stand

Kuflink is exhibiting with new graphics for this show! The stand utilises a similar layout to the original, with a peninsula layout, high-level branding for visibility, and backlit graphics to capture attention.

Unlike the previous stand, the new edition does not include the fascia and front product display. Instead, Kuflink utilised a new counter with integrated lit product display.

Last but not least, the stand includes a custom Plinko game feature for visitors! Interactive features, are effective for attracting visitors to your stand and initiating conversations.

Maximising ROI (Return on Investment) with Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design build websites dedicated to promoting your event appearance. These websites introduce your team, advertise show offers, market your products, show off your new stand design, and inform visitors of your location in the hall!

The sites also function as a virtual exhibition. They can be used in pre and post-show marketing, transforming your 3-day show into a 10 week marketing campaign!

We also have a dedicated team who are always on hand to support you in maximising the return on investment you made in exhibiting. This extends to your pre and post-show PR and marketing!

Quadrant2Design is also exited to share that updates are coming to these sites very soon. They will be even more customisable with additional features!


Quadrant2Design would like to wish Kuflink good luck for the show! If you’re visiting NACFB Commercial Finance Expo, keep an eye out for our client! You may even be able try their new Plinko game for yourself!

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