The DURABLE team just visited our pre-build facility to see their stand ahead of the Health and Safety Event.

Who are Durable?

Founded in Germany over 100 years ago, DURABLE are a market leading supplier for premium workplace solutions. The products and solutions range from Signage, Floor Markings, and Desk Accessories to Name Badges, Organisation, and Filing products.

The Durable team just attended the Health & Safety Event at the NEC Birmingham 2024 (30th April – 2nd of May). The Health & Safety Event is the UK’s meeting place for those responsible for creating a safe and efficient workspace. Home to the latest health and safety products and services, the event has cemented itself as the go-to show for buyers looking to improve workplace standards. The event was perfect for DURABLE, as they create and supply many workspace health and safety products.

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How the Exhibition Stand helped DURABLE achieve their exhibiting goals

DURABLE had several reasons for choosing Quadrant2Design for their exhibition stand. Firstly, they wanted a stand that reflected their premium brand and values. 

Quadrant2Design only use the finest quality materials and building methods in our exhibition stands. It is important to us that stands are built to last! Sam Rylands, part of the DURABLE team, explains the brand ethos: 

“We’re a very premium brand, and that’s why we wanted to work with a booth builder that could fit our [premium] brand ethos”

Secondly, as they offer a wide range of workspace products, DURABLE needed a unique layout to showcase all their products effectively. Quadrant2Design’s flexible stand system came in handy, as it allowed for custom showcases and walkways, and provided additional product display space at the front of the stand. Sam explained the DURABLE team vision:

“Because we have so much to offer to our audiences, we wanted these different areas so that people could explore products that were related to each other”

Thirdly, as DURABLE plan to attend other shows throughout the year, they were attracted to the reusability of Quadrant2Design’s stands. Sam explains:

“We are planning to reuse the stand. We tend to go to 1 or 2 big shows every year. That was one of the things that drew us to Quadrant2Design because they have the ability to reuse stand build equipment and store it for us and roll it out again when we need it for our next show! ” 

Finally, the DURABLE team appreciated the quality measures and communication provided by Quadrant2Design throughout the design and production process. They found the realistic stand renders and visuals helpful in bringing their vision to life, and were pleased with the final result. Sam gives an insight into our design and production process: 

“The Stand is exactly how we envisaged it would be. The process from start to finish with the team here has been really handy to explain to us what everything was going to look like […]. All of the CAD drawings really brought it to life for us so seeing it in reality is as expected, but in a great way.”

Knowing what your stand is going to look like ahead of the event is so important. You don’t want any nasty surprises on show day, or to be stuck with a reusable exhibition stand that you’re unhappy with. That is why we offer ways to view the stand before the event, including renders, photos, and most significantly pre-build!

Quadrant2Design Pre-Build Guarantee

At Quadrant2Design, we pre-build every stand before every show! We invite our clients to attend the pre-build to get a first hand look at their stand before the event. This gives them an opportunity to test out the individual features and even try out product placement. It’s a great quality measure to ensure stands are perfect and ready to go on event day.

The Importance of Pre-Build

Sam thoroughly appreciated her pre-build experience. She says:

“We’re super pleased! It’s 100% helpful to come and look at the stand in advance during the pre-build. This is an unusual service but a great one because we have been able to bring our products [..] and make sure it is all going to come to life in the way that we want it to on the day. There will be no on the day panic about where things will sit or how it will look. 

If you don’t see your stand until the day of the event, hopefully it will be as you discussed and visualised it. But, there are always one or two things that you could then be disappointed with or want to talk to somebody to work out a fix for. You can’t really fix it at that point because it has already been built on site. Having the opportunity to do that here, in advance here with two weeks to go means that you can work through solutions to challenges if there are any!”

“It has been such a valuable experience.” 

We’d like to thank Sam Rylands and the team for joining us at our pre-build facility in Poole and we wish DURABLE luck for their exhibition at The Health & Safety Event!

For more details on Quadrant2Design’s pre-build guarantee, the sustainability of our exhibition stands or for a free, no-obligation design proposal, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email