DiversiTech’s Karen Holloway joined us in our pre-build showroom in Poole this week.

Who is DiversiTech Global?

DiversiTech is the largest manufacturer of equipment pads in North America, and a leading supplier of components for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

They will be exhibiting at the InstallerSHOW, at the NEC in Birmingham from June 25th to 27th. The show is dedicated to installers from the heat, water, air, and energy sectors.

Karen Holloway expressed that with their annual participation at the show, they desired a stand they could be proud of. Karen shares her insights:

“I said you are the market leaders, this is your biggest show, we need to go big! To give the sales reps and the team a space to be proud of where they’re standing. When people come on to the stand … I want the team to be confident!”  

Quadrant2Design delivered a stand for this team to be proud of. With great high-level branding and dynamic walkthroughs, this stand will make an impact! Having a great stand also helps your team to be more confident when exhibiting, which naturally helps you generate more leads!

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The Benefit of Pre-build

At Quadrant2Design, we pre-build every stand before every show! We invite our clients to attend the pre-build to get a first-hand look at their stand before the event. This allows them to test the individual features and even try out product placement. It’s a great quality measure to ensure the stands are perfect and ready to go on event day.

While Quadrant2Design has an in-house graphics and design team, some companies like to be more involved in the stand design process. The DiversiTech team designed their own graphics and were proud to see their vision brought to life.  Karen says:

“It was a very long drive but it was definitely worth it! To actually see it built like this is really beneficial. When you’re drawing thing on your computer it’s like that scale, and when you come here and see the magnitude and the scale and the colours. It is definitely worth it, definitely.” 

Quadrant2Design provides accurate 3D renders, videos, and photos of the stand, but nothing compares to seeing everything built-in-full ahead of the event day.

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Like many of our clients, DiversiTech values sustainability. Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are all modular, reconfigurable, and reusable, making them a top choice for clients who value sustainability.

“Last year it was shell schemes and I don’t know what they did with it, burned? So next year we can reuse bits and create new bits cause it’s a bigger stand, so it’s brilliant brilliant. You guys have done a great job.” 


We would like to wish DiversiTech the best of luck for their show, it was a pleasure having the team at our Poole showroom!

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