Sachiko Mizutani from AccountingCPD just visited the Quadrant2Design showroom to view AccountingCPD’s pre-built stand ahead of Accountex 2024!

Accountex is the leading show for accountancy and finance. The show took place in ExCel London, from the 15th until the 16th of May. AccountingCPD has been visiting the show each year since 2022 and plans to continue visiting the show for brand awareness and to meet customers.

Who is AccountingCPD?

AccountingCPD helps accountants grow by providing high-quality CPD! CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the continual learning accountants must do to maintain their qualifications. AccountingCPD courses cover all the relevant accounting topics, from Tax, Budgeting and Forecasting, to Financial Modelling and Financial Management!

More Info on AccountingCPD

The Benefits of Pre-Build

At Quadrant2Design, we pre-build every stand before every show! We invite our clients to attend the pre-build to get a first-hand look at their stand before the event. This allows them to test the individual features and even try out product placement. It’s a great quality measure to ensure stands are perfect and ready to go on event day.

Sachiko felt it was important to visit AccountingCPD’s stand and felt very positive about the overall pre-build experience and the stand design:

“Absolutely [it’s worth visiting] because then we can see the stand in a tangible form. It’s much better than seeing it over video or something, we get a better feel of the stand. And, it’s such an important thing as well you know because we spend a lot of time and money to exhibit at Accountex so it’s quite important to see it face-to-face”

“Poole is a lovely area so we were happy to daytrip. It’s good for me to come and see it and then check with my colleagues that they were happy with it”.

Reusable Stands

For many clients, sustainability is a relevant factor in their exhibition stand choice. At Quadrant2Design, all of our stands are modular, reconfigurable and sustainable!

Sachiko provides some insights into how a reusable stand can be helpful:

“We are happy with the stand; we don’t need to change it and it’s better in terms of the environment and costs”

Though our exhibition stands can be reconfigured, some clients prefer to use the same stand layout for brand memorability and recognisability!

“If you trust a supplier of a stand you don’t want to go with someone else. It’s an important thing, the stand, so you don’t want to take too many risks.”

It was an absolute pleasure having Sachiko here and we hope everything was a success at Accountex!

For more details on Quadrant2Design’s pre-build guarantee, the sustainability of our exhibition stands or for a free, no-obligation design proposal, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email