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Here at Quadrant2Design, our team of stand builders perform installations across Europe on a regular basis. We have been doing this for many years now, so have gained a lot of experience in European exhibitions. However, the knowledge we have gained through carrying out these jobs is not as simple as you might think.

Many elements must be in place for the whole operation to run efficiently and effectively. Our priority and promise are to ensure that stand is completely set up and ready to go for your forthcoming exhibition, maintaining our 100% guarantee that we will not let a client down.

This coming autumn, we are visiting mainland Europe as the Quadrant2Design installers embark on multiple trips to Germany and France in the season’s early stages. These two countries, particularly Germany, are world-renowned for hosting colossal exhibition events frequently due to their spectacular venues.

Our next European shows are as follows:

  • SMM 2022, Germany: 6-9th September
  • Automechanika 2022, Germany:  13-17th September
  • Chillventa 2022, Nuremberg: 11-13th October
  • Bauma 2022, Germany: 24-30th November
  • Fi Europe 2022, France: 6-8th December

Examples of European shows we have attended in the past:

  • Tribe Payments at Money 20/20, Amsterdam.

large custom design exhibition stand for tribe payments hired from Quadrant2design.

  • Aljack Fuelling Components Ltd at the Inter Airport Europe 2019, Munich

blue peninsula exhibition stand for Aljack, 6m x 4m in Munich

What are the risks of using a UK-based contractor for European exhibitions?

Risks for European exhibitions are only hazardous when little to no preparation has been carried out. Yet, it is still common for exhibition stand contractors to undersee such planning. Common incidences which can occur in the process are a ‘no-show’, or late.

There are several reasons this may happen, such as vehicle breakdowns, lack of logistic forecasting, travel delays, etc. Furthermore, the transporters need a document called an ATA Carnet, which is essentially a passport for goods, to cross borders. Accordingly, non-perishable goods can be tax-free and duty-free when passing customs for one year.

Also, whether you transport your stand or allow the contractor to do so, there is always the risk of damaged graphics throughout the transit process. This will generally only occur if the stand has not been appropriately packed for transportation. All these factors are certainly not ideal for clients and may put them off even attending an exhibition overseas.

Why does Quadrant2Design eliminate those risks?

To reduce any pre-show worries for European exhibitions, we take an approach that always eases the minds of our clients. Our logistics team will plan installers to set off one day ahead of schedule. Included in the logistics, our project managers will also arrange the ATA Carnet document for clients, making the process all that bit easier.

It may seem excessive departing 24 hours ahead, however, from our experience it has become a necessity. When driving such distances, many external factors can influence the entire journey. Delays at ports, poor traffic and weather, road closures and much more are unexpected elements that are always in consideration.

Additionally, our team of installers will carefully place all graphics into special cases, designed to protect the panels from any transportation damage. This procedure takes place once the stand has been completely pre-built weeks before a client’s show.

If you want to discuss your presence at a future exhibition, get in touch by emailing us at or calling 01202 723 500 to arrange a free, no-obligation, design proposal.

Orange theme hire exhibition stand. Produced by Quadrant2Design