While exhibition stands are most commonly used to promote a single business or brand, now and then a single exhibition stand will be used for promoting multiple brands at the same time.

There are lots of reasons why this might be the case. Perhaps the exhibiting business is a retailer that provides a multitude of products and services, each with its own brand and marketing. Or perhaps the exhibiting brands are sister companies linked in ownership but operating entirely independently of one another.

Whatever the circumstances, exhibiting multiple brands on a single exhibition stand provides a creative and cost-effective way to showcase all that your business has to offer, without the added cost and hassle of exhibiting each brand individually.

The various brands not only share their floor space but also resources like electrics, lighting, Wi-Fi and even stand staff. There’s also the additional benefit of being able to cross-promote between related brands and products.

There are various strategies for exhibiting multiple brands on a single exhibition stand.

Multiple branded displays

One method of promoting multiple brands on an exhibition stand is to have individual sections allocated to each branded product. This strategy is particularly useful for businesses that sell lots of branded products, such as retailers or wholesalers.

Each product, or range of products, can be displayed in its own individual showcase, with appropriately branded surrounding graphics. This creates a standalone feature similar to the point-of-purchase displays typically featured in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Using this strategy, individual brands and products can be independently featured without stealing focus from the overarching branding of the stand.

There are multiple benefits to this strategy

  • Showing off a large number of brands can portray your business as the go-to authority within a particular industry
  • Stand space can be purposefully divided, allowing focus to be placed on specific products or services
  • Large, eye-catching elements of the stand can be used to promote the most important brands or products
  • This strategy is significantly more cost-effective than exhibiting each brand on its own stand

ASCO Foods

ASCO Foods is a market leader in the import and distribution of Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian and other Southeast and Far East Asian foods.

A large white modular exhibition stand created for Asco Foods by Quadrant2Design, featuring a range of uniquely branded products, with a featured counter for their drinks brand Mogu Mogu

With over 40 brands and more than 800 individual products, ASCO FOODS has no shortage of brands to promote at their exhibitions. Their brands include Mogu Mogu, Indomie, Roi Thai and Lingham’s Chilli Sauce, to name just a few!

When exhibiting, ASCO FOODS need to showcase a massive variety of brands and products without the stand looking cluttered and overbearing. Their stand designs regularly feature a variety of their brands, separated into different display showcases and feature plinths.

In the example above they have a feature counter dedicated specifically to their Mogu Mogu drinks brand, complete with attention-grabbing high-level branding and even an integrated refrigerator.

SOP International

SOP International is a stockist and seller of edible oils, spices, butter and vegetable ghee, fish sauce, rice, canned fruits and an assortment of pickles, pastes and chutneys.

They stock and sell a vast variety of brands including Khanum, Golden Swan, Squid Brand, Lee Kum Kee, Koh Kae, Yeo’s, Golden Orchid, Kissan, Mae Ploy, Vitasoy, Zanae and OKF.

Much like ASCO Foods, each time they exhibit, SOP International display a variety of their brands on their exhibition stand panels, with display showcases dedicated to each individual product range.

In this example the standalone pillars feature integrated showcases that highlight their individual products and complement the stand’s overarching SOP International branding.

A white and red modular exhibition stand created for SOP International featuring high-level branding, pillars with integrated shelving, branded counters and Quadrant2Design photo-floor.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support delivers safety, welfare and site equipment for the construction industry. As a retail supplier, they offer a vast variety of products that fall under a multitude of brands. This means that marketing their products requires promoting lots of different brands, including Leo Workwear, Traffi Gloves and Earthpro.

Modular blue, white and black exhibition display for Onsite Support, designed and built by Quadrant2Design

In the example above Onsite Support showcases their various branded products on dedicated stand walls, much like you’d see in a retail shop. The stand includes high-level branded banners focused on the Onsite Support brand, while each upright is dedicated to a different branded product.

This is a fantastic way to highlight the products on offer under each brand, while also promoting, Onsite Support as the parent company and the go-to source for each of these products.

Mirrored branding

The Prestige Events System is an all-graphic solution, which means that the high-quality graphics panels cover the entire stand structure. Another effective way to promote two (or more) brands on a single stand is to cover opposing sides of the stand structure with varying branded graphics.

A half blue, half green Quadrant2Design photo floor created for the promotion of Seabridge and Cosco on a multi-branded exhibition stand in 2023

This strategy is most effective when there are multiple directions from which visitors can see and access the stand, for example with an island stand.

One side of the stand can feature one brand (with unique messaging, colour scheme and stand features), while the opposite side of the stand features the other brand, effectively creating two distinct exhibition stands from a single structure.

An added benefit of this strategy is that the allocation of stand space is easily divided. This not only means that each brand receives the same level of promotion but, for sister brands operating independently, this also allows the resources and costs associated with exhibiting to be split evenly.

Seabridge | Cosco

In 2023 Seabridge Freight Services requested a stand on which they could promote both the Seabridge brand and their sister brand Cosco Shipping at Multimodal 2023 in the Birmingham NEC.

The unique solution Quadrant2Design provided was to split the island stand right down the middle. The stand walls became the partition between the two brands, keeping branded messages separate and creating two independent stands with a single structure.

The Cosco branded side of the Cosco Seabridge modualr exhibition stand designed and built by Quadrant2Design featuring suspended cylindrical branded banners, high-level branding, branded counters and a Quadrant2Design photo-floor

Even the Quadrant2Design photo-floor was divided down the middle, with half of the floor branded with Seabridge graphics and the other half Cosco-branded. The stand also featured two suspended cylindrical banners, individually branded and hung above either side of the structure to attract visitors to each brand.

The green Seabridge branded side of the Seabridge Cosco modular exhibition stand designed by Quadrant2Design and featuring suspended cylindrical banners, high-level branding, branded counters and Quadrant2Design photo-floor.

A walkway was installed in the stand structure, creating a pathway from one side to the other. This made clear the link between the two brands and also allowed for cross-selling or cross-promotion.

ASCO Foods – Indomie | Lingham’s Chilli Sauce

While the individual brands under the ASCO Foods banner are often promoted side by side on their stands, things were done a bit differently for the BBC Good Food Show 2023.

During this show, ASCO Foods focused its display on its Indomie noodle brand and Lingham’s chilli sauce brand.

ASCOS Foods dual-branded modular exhibition stand designed and built by Quadrant2Design for the BBC Good Food Show. The red half of the stand for Indomie, with white high-level branding and branded counter, red stand and yellow photo floor, the white side of the stand for Lingham's chilli sauce, with integrated display showcases, branded counter and high-level branding.

The main stand structure was split down the middle, with one side branded Indomie and the other branded Lingham’s.

Both sides included a branded counter at the forefront, with the free space in the middle of the island providing storage for both brands.

This strategy of splitting a stand down the middle offers a unique way to showcase the individual brands while sharing the costs and resources associated with exhibiting.

Reusable & replaceable stand graphics

The Prestige Events System works by attaching high-quality graphics panels to the stand structure. This, combined with the modular, reconfigurable nature of the stand hardware, makes it a highly reusable solution, which offers some unique benefits to businesses with multiple brands.

In 2023 we provided our customer’s Tower Supplies with a range of replacement panels, which they swapped overnight to display a new set of marketing messages on the following day of their exhibition.

While, in this example, the brand remained the same, using this strategy customers with multiple brands can completely replace the branding of their stand while only needing a single set of stand hardware. For purchase clients, this means they could purchase just a single set of stand hardware with multiple sets of different branded panels and effectively have multiple different stands.

The modular, reusable, reconfigurable nature of our stands also means that if businesses decide to exhibit again with just a single brand, stand panels can be easily reconfigured to remove any additional branding. With Quadrant2Design’s unique Lifetime Free Design offering, the redesign of your stand for each new event is completely free, which offers an extremely cost-efficient solution.

With the stand above, for example, the graphics panels can easily be reconfigured into a stand that focuses entirely on either the Indomie or Lingham’s brand, with minimal additions needed.

If you’re looking to promote multiple brands on your next exhibition stand, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email for your free, no-obligation 3D design proposal.