The Prestige System ‘pop-up’ shop

So, you may be wondering…What exactly is a ‘pop-up’ shop?

Introduced by cities across the world such as Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and New York City, the concept of a ‘pop-up’ store allows the retailer to use a temporary space to market their products, therefore gaining recognition and generating a buzz for the company wherever they go. Another reason that swayed retailers to go with this new solution is the difference in cost: launching pop-up stores costs 80% less than renting out a traditional retail store!

Who uses them and what do they look like?

They can vary from design and size, but big brands such as Ebay, Adidas, Kate Spade and Lacoste are just some of the big names that have followed the pop-up shop trend and have taken their creativity one step further.

How can I design and build my own ‘pop-up’ shop?

Our very own Prestige Events System is a great example of something that can be used by retailers to set up their very own pop-up store. Prestige is a modular and portable solution that allows clients to re-configure their stand for different retail spaces. The system is also ideal for all exhibitions, conferences and live marketing events.

Prestige is constructed from a lightweight, but extremely strong aluminium frame which is ideal for easy transportation, as pop-up shops travel around frequently. This structure bestows on Prestige the twin benefits of easy and rapid construction, without any tools or special knowledge.

Graphics magnetise to the erected framework in seconds, rapidly forming stunning, and seamless-effect graphic walling, with the option of integrated, brightly lit product showcases and ‘floating-effect’ digital screens.

So with a Prestige ‘pop-up’ shop, you have a solution that will allow you to quickly cover unsightly shop walling with stunning graphics, branding, showcases and digital screens.

Here at Quadrant2Design we retain full control of retail projects with all key functions in-house, including: CAD design, graphic design, large format graphics production and project management.

We also ‘pre-build’ every single exhibition stand or popup shop in our production facility located in Poole.
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