The Pre-Build

With 14 years at the helm of Quadrant2Design, Jenkins is well-placed to put his faith in this procedure.

“Our understanding of the exhibition industry is a really important reason behind the pre-build concept. Exhibition build-ups can be difficult, with unexpected delays and problems. These may not be of our making but they can still interfere in the building of your stand.

“Because of this we take the view that there is no such thing as ‘too much preparation’, and how much better prepared can we be than to pre-build your entire exhibition stand, in a controlled environment, weeks before it leaves to go to your show?”

Pre-building is unavailable to many exhibition stand contractors, who would be forced to spend huge amounts of money on pre-building and dismantling stands before the actual exhibition.

For Quadrant2Design, however, most stands can be built in under four hours. This is due to the simplicity of the system.

Prestige Event System stands consist of expanding aluminium frames and magnetised graphics, all of which can be done by one person, with no specialist tools or knowledge.

Because of this, there is usually plenty of time to pre-build a client’s stand. This is Quadrant2Design’s opportunity to see if the stand is ready for exhibiting.

Jenkins continues.

“Prebuilding your stand really is the ultimate quality control measure.

“Once pre-built, you’re free to come down and see your finished stand. Or we can send you pictures and movies. But either way, you’ll have the reassurance of seeing your stand, fully-built, before the actual show.”

This is important.

 In the pre-build every aspect of the stand is checked to see if it is working just as it should. Clients can even come and visit Quadrant2Design to get a feel for their stand, to notify us of any corrections they need, or to simply rehearse the stand build alongside our installation team.

 There are no last-minute panics with a pre-build. If any part of the stand is missing or faulty, the pre-build process allows it to be rectified (without you having to get involved).

 I’ve been to a couple of exhibitions in my time at Quadrant2Design and each time I have seen at least one exhibition stand that was either broken, faulty, shoddy, battered, bruised or in any other various state of disrepair.

It is not a coincidence that those stands were custom-builds. As I pointed out earlier, this isn’t entirely surprising. It isn’t necessarily the fault of the company, the installation team, or the company that designs the stand. It’s just the fact that these things cannot be tested beforehand, and this risk is inherent to the project.

By having a pre-build Prestige stands inhabit a niche that always comes out as 100%. This is because other modular stands don’t quite look up to scratch and all custom stands run the risk of not looking finished.

 I know that exhibition stands are a significant investment, and it disappoints me to see them treated like ‘mere’ commodities. They are able to enhance, or diminish, the brand value of your company, and should be treated as such.

Obviously, Quadrant2Design doesn’t rely solely on the pre-build to get things right, but I fail to see any disadvantage to pre-building any exhibition stand, especially mine. It reassures all parties that everything is 100% ready for the show, and the service is free of charge.

I think the pre-build is symptomatic of Quadrant2Design’s general approach to each project. There is a responsibility to create a perfect stand in the face of imperfection, and the pre-build exemplifies that attention to detail.

 If you want a stand that is guaranteed to look the part and save you money in the long-run, I’d look no further than Quadrant2Design. With an insider’s perspective, I can personally vouch that we run a pretty tight ship that facilitates the best stand possible, and the pre-build is just one of many stages of that process.