Organising an event is a lot of work and requires the coordination of many different factors.  Whilst it is possible for much of this to be done by one event planner, when it comes to the actual event, a collaborative team of people is essential to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Here we examine the importance of teamwork within your in the events industry team.

1. Reduces Stress

When you have a to-do list as long as your arm, being able to delegate tasks to other event staff is essential.  This takes the pressure off of the main organiser and allows the event to be as stress-free as possible.  When there are tight – and often competing – deadlines to hit, stress levels can be greatly elevated, but being able to share the responsibility can be a load off your shoulders.

2. Boosts Productivity

Everyone has different strengths and abilities so working as a team will ensure that productivity is maximised.  Allocate roles to those that suit them.  For instance, if there is a team member who is outgoing and extroverted, make them the person to meet and greet visitors. This can create a more engaging atmosphere at your stand.

3. Aids problem solving

Working together can help fix any problems that might arise.  An event involves the pulling together of many different facets so things can and do go wrong along the way. Teamwork promotes innovation and problem-solving as different members will approach a problem in different ways.  Make the most of this by ensuring lines of communication are kept open within the team so all members know exactly what’s happening.

4. Encourages Initiative

A proactive team leader should encourage other event staff to take the initiative.  This will aid problem-solving and help the team to thrive.  Different ideas can turn an ordinary event into something extraordinary which will live on in visitors’ minds.  New initiatives will only come about if the team works successfully together and keeps communication open.

5. Aids collaboration

By working together you can take advantage of the different skill sets of each team member.  One person might be good at negotiating with suppliers while another is better at selling products.  When these are all realised, a team can pull together and be much more successful than each member would be alone.

6. Meet tight deadlines

Events often involve short deadlines.  If you have to put an event together at extremely short notice, then you need a team of event staff behind you for support. Working with a few trustworthy, reliable and resourceful individuals with expert knowledge can mean quick turnaround on decisions, rapid problem solving and being able to meet shorter targets or deadlines by delegating and saving time.

7. Promotes innovation

Working with others and sharing opinions can make your event unique and memorable.  Take on board the ideas and suggestions of team members who will all approach it in a different way.  This can give you ideas for the event that you might not have otherwise considered yourself.

8. Improves bonding

Working together takes the pressure off each individual.  Knowing that you are working towards a common goal and your colleagues are experiencing the same as you create a shared, bonding experience. Although people have different ways of working – some like to get things out of the way as quickly as possible while others take time to mull things over – an individual’s approach to a task is secondary to the task itself.

9. Boosts career prospects

Demonstrating that your exhibition staff can successfully work as a team will impress those above you. Collaboration is a valued skill in the workplace so showing that you are able to do it well will boost your career prospects. Working as a team broadens your range of skills from deepening your understanding of a particular subject to developing interpersonal, leadership and motivational skills. It will also give you a greater sense of belonging and of recognition, allowing you to take more pride in your work, and your company.

10. Challenge yourself

Working with and learning from others can help you push yourself in directions that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.  This can improve your knowledge and understanding of different topics and allow you to grow as a person.  A good team should play to each individual strength so you have the opportunity to learn from the other team members.  Pushing yourself in a team environment is the real challenge with the best individual and collective outcome.


The importance of teamwork in events cannot be underestimated.  Events are stressful to organise and a lot of work for one individual.  Putting together a team of people to manage it will bring many benefits, from increased initiative and productivity to helping to solve problems or issues that arise.  Good teamwork can result in an event that is unique and memorable for visitors. Make sure the whole team is equally involved and keep lines of communication open for the most successful outcome.

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