The importance of branding at BETT




BETT originally started in the Barbican Centre, focusing on the use of technology and IT within education. As the technology began to develop throughout the 80s, so the number of exhibitors grew too. By 1993 it had outgrown the Barbican Centre and had to move to London, Olympia.

During it’s 13 years at Olympia, it grew to become the world’s largest educational technology event. But with technology rapidly advancing over the last 5 years and becoming more of an integral learning asset for children, even Olympia became too small, and this year saw the move to the ExCel Centre where it was estimated an extra 35% more exhibitors could attend.

It was a long drive to get there from our offices in Poole, but it was well worth it. Changing venue turned out to be a great decision by the show organisers, not only because there were more exhibitors, but walking around the aisles to view the stands was far less congested which meant you had longer to view each company and really take everything in. All around, it was a much more pleasurable experience.


Below: our stand for Target Tracker featuring high-level branding, product showcases and integrated plasma screens



Now with a show as large and as thriving as BETT, branding is everything. Everyone is competing for attention, so the more visible your name and logo, the better.

Our stand for Target Tracker had a fantastic position close to the entrance, but it was along one of the central aisles with a lot of other big companies like Phillips and OCR which had large, custom built stands. Therefore, it was imperative that Target Tracker’s stand had great visual impact.

Our designers worked with the location of the stand from the show floorplan, and determined the best possible place for the branding to be to achieve maximum impact and visibility. As you can see from the above photo, even from far away down the aisle, the Target Tracker logo was clearly visible and in the centre of your eyeline – so there was no way you couldn’t see it.

We’ve made Target Tracker’s exhibition stand for BETT for the last 8 years, but this was the biggest one to date, featuring new 3.9m Prestige high level branding features. For the first time, they said it gave them prominence and the ability to compete with the large, custom-build stands that surrounded them which were twice or even three times their size, rather than being overshadowed. In fact, the clients from Target Tracker said they were so impressed with the seamless effect graphics as it made their stand actually look like an expensive custom-built stand too!



Now when you have a corner stand, there are even more opportunities for high-profile branding. We tried to maximise all these opportunities on our stand for ParentPay. It was a great sized space and seemed a shame to simply have the stand on the rear walls, so our designers featured a linking gantry to the centre which connected to a plasma Tower with a rotating-header on top, as well as including three further points of high-rise branding, 4 plasma televisions, and several integrated product showcases. Being 3Dimensional, it really grabbed peoples attention and was far more visually appealing and interactive. When we visited the stand and spoke to Chief Executive Clint Wilson, he said they were doing incredibly well, and were far busier than in previous years – which really was fantastic feedback to hear.

And here was Clint Wilson with our Design Consultant Chloe Anderton. He was so pleased with the stand he told us he’s booked an even bigger space next year closer to the entrance, and has asked us to design next year’s stand for him too, which was brilliant news!


 BETT really is a fantastic exhibition to be a part of, whether as an exhibitioner or as a contractor. The vibe at the show is energetic and uplifting, and the innovative stand designs you see always keep your head turning. We really believe that to do well at such a large show like BETT, it’s essential to invest time and money on an exhibition stand that rises above the rest, and here at Quadrant2Design, that’s exactly what we specialise in. We look forward to working with our clients again, and showing BETT what we can do next year.