Exhibiting at a trade show is a lot of work.  There are many things to organise if you want to make a success of the show and generate a good ROI.  So having a project manager from your exhibition contractor to help can be a lifesaver.  They will have a lot of experience of exhibitions and be able to pull it all together for you.  They provide a useful link between you, your contractor and the exhibition organiser, and will know exactly where to turn if problems arise.

Exhibition project manager job description

Exhibition project managers are employed by exhibition stand contractors to oversee the planning, executing, monitoring and closing out of exhibition stand projects.  They are the go-to person for a client during the design, construction and final build of an exhibition stand.  They have the following duties:

1. Oversee the whole exhibition stand project from start to finish, co-ordinating all the staff involved in it.

2. Co-ordinate all aspects of your stand design from initial plans to graphic design, stand manufacture, printing and testing.

3. Co-ordinate the contractors building the stand to ensure it is all done properly.

4. Complete a risk assessment required by the show organiser for the stand construction and use.

5. Filling in other forms required by the organisers.

6. Organising logistics of the stand to get it from where it was manufactured to the exhibition venue.

7. Submit the stand plans to the organiser for approval.

8. Create electrical, internet and rigging plans as required for the stand so that you know what is needed where.

9. Put you in contact with suppliers of AV equipment and furniture.

10. Ensure the whole show runs smoothly and be there to fix any problems with the stand.

11. They are basically there to support you at every stage of the process, from design to build to ensure your trade show runs smoothly.

exhibition project manager at the office

Our exhibition project managers

Here at Quadrant2Design we are fortunate to have some fantastic exhibition project managers.  Their role is to be your link between us and you.  They will support you at every step of the way and ensure they whole project runs smoothly.  They have many years’ experience in exhibitions so can be there to advise you and answer any queries you might have.

If you choose our Free2Hire option, your exhibition project manager will oversee the design and build of the stand, get it to the venue, make sure it is built correctly and send you pictures of the end result.  Having someone else to fill in all the forms the exhibition organiser requires can save you a lot of time, and ensure it is all done correctly.

All you have to do is turn up on the first day of the exhibition, the project manager will have taken care of everything to do with your stand.  This really takes the pressure off exhibiting and ensures a smooth-running show.  Your exhibition project manager will send regular updates to keep you informed of progress.  They will also be available for the whole of the trade show, should any issues arise.  Then after the show they will manage the dismantling of your stand and have it transported back to us.  We will then store your stand free of charge until the next exhibition.

If you are new to exhibiting, or even if you are a seasoned exhibitor, having someone to help organise your stand at a trade show can be very beneficial.  The exhibition project manager has a lot of experience in the industry so will be able to help you with all the elements involved.  Ensuring all the forms are complete, plans made, and health and safety assessment done can be a laborious task so having someone to do it for you saves a lot of effort.

For help with your next exhibition project, call us on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.