The Features of Prestige

For this reason we are going to outline and explain the different features of our Prestige Events System, in layman’s terms. It should hopefully give you an insight into why the Prestige system is so popular, and how we are able to provide you the best custom-designed exhibition stands on all kinds of budgets.


We hope you find it useful and relevant to your decision-making process.


The Prestige System


It makes sense to start with the Prestige Events System and its foundations.


    • It is modular, which means that the stand consists of many different frames that attach together.


    • What this means is that all Prestige stands are all built on the same equipment, every time.


    • The frames can be used repeatedly and can be reconfigured to fit different stand spaces.


    • The frames are lightweight, compactable and sturdy, and there is a lifetime guarantee on all frames you purchase for your stand.


    • Prestige is easy to transport.


    • You can self-build without any installation costs.


    • Prestige can suit all budgets from about £3000-£20,000.



Prestige stands can be configured to a variety of shapes and sizes and can integrate many different features to suit your needs. Below we lay out the basic meaning and functionality of these features, while also giving you the basics of our two main offers – self-build and free-hire.


Panoramic Graphics


    • Layman’s terms: Graphics flow uninterrupted from one panel to another, as if one big image


    • The Advantage: unlimited potential for your branding and imagery



Curved Walls


    • Layman’s terms: It takes very little effort for us to use gently curving walls on our stands


    • The Advantage: Other stands can only do flat walls, so your stand is more visually impressive with curved walls



High Level Branding


    • Layman’s terms: Doubling, maybe even tripling, the height of your stand


    • The Advantage: The taller your stand, the more likely you are to get noticed



Rotating Headers


    • Layman’s terms: Electronic header with your name/logo, rotating at a high level


    • The Advantage: Another way to get your stand noticed from ground level



Digital Presentations


    • Layman’s terms: TV screens integrated into your stand, with no need for wires on show


    • The Advantage: Any presentations/moving images you want, plus other software needs. It also gives your stand a professional look



Product Showcases


    • Layman’s terms: Shelving units integrated into your stand


    • The Advantage: Space to show off your products with no clutter



Branded Linking Headers


    • Layman’s terms: A way to connect different parts of your stand that are otherwise separate


    • The Advantage: An extra way to get some branding on your stand, gives the stand uniformity



The Pre-build


    • Layman’s terms: A complete construction of your stand before it is released to you


    • The Advantage: Absolute guarantee that your stand is ready and matches your proposal



Our Free-hire option


    • Layman’s terms: You borrow the stand equipment free, and we project manage and install


    • The Advantage: You only pay for graphics and installation, reducing cost significantly


    • For more information: Click Here



Our Self-build option


    • Layman’s terms: You buy and keep the stand equipment, building it yourself


    • The Advantage: You only pay for graphics and hardware, reducing cost significantly


    • For more information: Click Here