Here at Quadrant2Design we offer two options for sourcing your custom modular exhibition stand.  You can either hire it from us or buy it outright.  If you choose to hire it we will do everything for you, you just need to turn up on the day of the exhibition.  If you choose to buy it, you will be responsible for transporting and erecting it.  Don’t worry if this seems daunting though as we offer comprehensive training to teach you how to do it.

Here we look at the different options in more detail:

1. Buying a stand

You may choose to purchase your stand outright, particularly if you plan to exhibit at several events.  You can spread the cost of it over all the events, making it a cheaper option in the long run.  You can still hire us to erect it for you, but if you choose to do it yourself we offer extensive training, so you won’t just be left to it.  You will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Training in-house

You will come to our offices in Poole and we will show you, from start to finish, how to erect your stand.  Our expert team will take you through the whole process and ensure that you know exactly what to do when erecting and dismantling the stand.  Then you will take your stand away with you and you’re ready to go.

  • Video training

If you can’t make it to our offices, we will supply you with video training.  This will be specific to your stand and will take you through the whole process, step by step.  We will be available if you have any questions about it.  This presents a good option if you are not local to Poole.

James training self build clients from Quadrant2Design on Vimeo.

  • Training animations

To complement these options we have training animations on our website which show you how to erect different elements of an exhibition stand. The animations are also on YouTube. These are easy to refer to on the day of set-up if you get stuck.  We will also always be at the end of the phone to answer any questions, or you can find helpful information in on our website, like our 10 Steps to Installing Your Exhibition Stand.

  • Advantages of buying a stand 

1. Cheaper across multiple shows – If you plan to exhibit at several trade shows it makes sense to buy a stand.  The cost can be divided per show so the more you attend, the cheaper the stand per show and the better the ROI.

2. More control – Once you own your stand you are in charge of it, you can put it up and dismantle it when it suits you and you don’t need to rely on contractors to do it, saving money.  Most custom modular stands are pop-up in nature so very easy and quick to assemble.  However if you want contractors to build your stand, most will offer this service even if you buy a stand.

3. Stands can be updated – Just because you buy your stand, it doesn’t mean you can’t update it for future shows.  If you change your branding or messaging you can simply change the graphics panels.  We will help you reconfigure your stand free of charge for future shows to give you a fresh look.

4. Versatility – Once you own your own stand you can use it in a range of settings.  This gives you the versatility to try out a number of shows without the cost of hiring a stand each time.  You may be able to reach new audiences by attending an event that you wouldn’t otherwise have done, generating new leads and brand exposure.

Whether you choose to hire a stand or buy one from us we will support you at every step of the way.  If you hire a stand we will take care of everything.  If you choose to buy your stand we provide extensive training to help you and we’ll be there to answer any questions.  If you would like more information, call us on 01202 723 500 or email

2. Hiring a stand

For a hassle-free route to exhibiting, hiring the stand from us provides the best solution.  We will transport the stand to the event and erect it.  Then at the end of the how we will dismantle it, take it away and store it for free until the next event.

We will complete a risk assessment for the stand and fill in all the necessary forms required by the event organiser. We will also ensure electrics, wi-fi and water are supplied to the stand if required.  You just have to show up on the day, we will handle everything else for you which will take a lot of the stress out of exhibiting.  Subsequent events will be cheaper too as you will already have graphic panels printed.

Advantages of Hiring a Stand

1. Lower cost – If you plan to go to less than 3 shows a year it probably makes sense to hire a stand as you won’t have the need to reuse it several times.  This is also the best option if you have a consistent annual budget which will allow for the stand hire but not the big investment to buy it.

2. Stress-free exhibiting – Hiring a stand can be the simplest solution to exhibiting.  We offer a complete end-to-end service, in which design, build, breakdown and disposal/storage are taken care of.  The team will have the expertise to manage the whole process and solve any problems that might crop up along the way.

3. Flexibility – Hiring your stand enables you to have a completely fresh look for every event, you are not tied to building the same stand show after show.  This allows you to create something tailored to the audience for a specific event that will really stand out.

4. No transport or storage – Exhibition stands can be bulky to transport and store, and custom-built stands may require proper storage which can really add to your budget.  If you hire a stand you won’t have this problem, we will transport it to the venue and take it away afterwards, saving you the hassle of finding somewhere to keep it.

5. Sustainable exhibiting – Rental stands are a sustainable solution as the hardware is used multiple times by different companies for 15 years.  Custom modular stands can be reconfigured to suit any space or design making them an adaptable and sustainable option.

Quadrant2Design team building a stand at the venue