The benefits of having an exhibition stand pre-build

From a prospective client’s point of view, it just looked shabby and unprofessional. It was easy to tell that the stand had been put up in a rush and was the first time the staff had handled the kit. And it wasn’t just one or two exhibitors either – about 80% of the stands we saw had things like this wrong with them.

It doesn’t really send out a good message, does it? A customer isn’t going to want to speak to a company about their services if they can’t seem to dress their stand properly.

And this is exactly why pre-builds really are an essential stage in the production of an exhibition stand. And here are a few more reasons why we think they’re so important:

  • We check everything is working just as it should, to give you confidence and reassurance that nothing will go wrong on the day. You can even come and visit us to get a feel for the stand, to notify us of any corrections you might want making, or to simply rehearse with your team.
  • You get reassurance that the finished product is exactly the same as the design renders. There are no falsifications. No surprises. No scary ‘wait-we-didn’t-order-that’ moments. Just your stand, exactly as you ordered.
  • Because of the nature of Prestige, the pre-build can take place in less than a day. Shorter build times mean lower costs, less grief, and less hassle.

The latest project we’re working on is for Target Tracker, exhibiting at The BETT Show 2013. They have a rather generous stand space to work with – at 10m x 2.5m.

Our in-house designer Christo Botes, was given the task of coming up with a design concept, and below is the finished render.


It’s bright, it’s bold and it stands out, and has a range of features like high level branding, a mounted 50″ Plasma TV screen and illuminated showcases with integrated shelving. We think it looked great, and so did everyone at Target Tracker.

And here, it is in the Pre-Build area of the warehouse with Charlie and Nathan making the final checks! All in plenty of time for the show at the end of next month.

It may take a few days longer to finish your project than other competitors that don’t pre-build, but when you turn up on-site with a perfect Exhibition Stand with next to no problems, it makes it all worthwhile. The last thing you want is running around to your neighbours asking for sellotape and cable ties to hold up a graphics panel that won’t stay up (we’ve all been there!).

So come to us to ensure your stand is always pre-built and properly checked, top to bottom. You can even come in with your team and practice how everything will run on the day. At the end of the day, being prepared and having no slip-ups might just be the difference between getting a client and not – which is the whole reason for going to an Exhibition Show in the first place!

That, and frankly, it’s just a lot nicer to look at.

If you want to see this stand in action, Target Tracker will be at the BETT Show from the 30th January – 2nd February 2013 at the ExCel Exhibition Centre, London.

What do you think of our design for Target Tracker? Are you going to the BETT show? Let us know your thoughts on our Twitter page – don’t be shy! Or if you like this design concept and want us to come up with a free design proposal for you, send us an email to