Our unbeatable Prestige Events System will be returning to its roots at the end of February as clients Demisto head to Swiss Cyber Security Days 2019 in Fribourg. Their Prestige stand will be making the 696.5 mile journey from our HQ in Poole to the home of Army Knives, Toblerone, and the Large Hadron Collider.

Swiss Cyber Security Days, which will bring together the biggest names in cyber security from all around the globe, shall welcome Demisto’s Prestige stand, which they’ll be using on our Free2Hire plan. Our plan means they can borrow the bits and bobs – the hardware – that make up their exhibition stand for free after purchasing their graphics and installation.

Our intrepid installation team will be heading over to Switzerland to build Demisto’s stand, in what will be a bit of a pilgrimage for us, with the Prestige Events System having been designed in the country in the 1970s.

Prestige, of which we are the exclusive UK supplier, is the perfect show solution for the modern-day exhibitor. Sleek, stylish, and environmentally-friendly, the system allows us to create beautiful and sustainable exhibition stands for any business. It allows for seamless graphics to be reused whilst upholding the image of professionalism, and additionally holds the unique benefit of being a modular exhibition stand system which can be reconfigured to fit your space at any show.

We’re Going back to the Homeland for Swiss Cyber Security Days 2019 1

We’re so besotted with the Swiss way that we’ve adopted Wilhelm the St Bernard as our mascot. Also hailing from Switzerland, Wilhelm’s ancestors have played a vital role in the country’s history.

Starting life as a herding breed, before being bred as a search and rescue animal, we feel the St Bernard shares its best qualities with the Prestige Events System. Strong, sturdy, and loyal, both the St Bernard and Prestige will never let you down – although your exhibition stand should slobber on you less.

We’re extremely excited to see Demisto’s stand, which they’ll be reusing for the third time, wowing the crowds in its ancestral home.

Wish you’d gone Swiss at your last exhibition? Contact us on 01202 723 500 or email designteam@quadrant2design.com for your free design visuals.

We’re Going back to the Homeland for Swiss Cyber Security Days 2019

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