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If a sustainable exhibition stand solution is important to you…

When you visit a trade exhibition you soon realise the huge amount of materials and resources that are directed at a single event lasting just a few days.

But what’s really shocking is that many of these exhibition stands end up in the skip once the show is over. What a terrible waste of resources.

The reason that many stands are trashed is that they’re old-fashioned designs, and manufactured from unsustainable MDF/timber resources. And even worse, the construction methods used to build these stands, involve solvents, adhesives, paint and chemicals, all of which are harmful to the environment.

Exhibition stands designed and built in Prestige are truly sustainable exhibiting solutions because they are designed to be reusable. This means that Prestige stands can be reconfigured and reused again and again, at different shows, for different stand space, over many years.

Our Sustainable Business Model

  • Prestige stands are light and compact for transport, and so require smaller, lighter, less polluting vehicles
  • Stands are quick and easy to build, so require less on site resources
  • Hardware (which is mostly aluminium) is reused again and again, making the most of this valuable mined resource
  • Prestige stands are manufactured using a clean process, that doesn’t involve glues, laminates, paints and solvents
  • No harmful waste is created; no chemicals, MDF or timber dust, fumes or debris
  • Our entire business-model centres on enabling our clients to reuse their exhibition stands over an entire events and exhibition calendar, saving both money and resources

How we give back

Concern for the environment, sustainability and wildlife runs through our culture here at Quadrant2Design.

We support numbers of environmental and wildlife charities, with direct donations or the supply of free exhibition materials.

One of our most important contributions, is our sponsorship of the Kakapo Recovery Programme in New Zealand.

We are, in fact, the only non-New Zealand company sponsoring the recovery work of this amazing species.

To learn more about the Kakapo and our work, see Kakapo Recovery Programme

Kakapo Recovery Programme

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