Surfers Against Sewage receive five new banners

Protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably, Surfer’s Against Sewage uses a mixture of community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education, and scientific research to help the UK public understand their mission.


Most recently, the organisation were integral in the creation of the Protect Our Waves Parliamentary Group, a group bringing together MPs representing the UK’s key coastal communities to address the urgent environmental issues highlighted by the Protect Our Waves petition that occurred earlier this year.


The banners depict two scenes. The first a beach littered in bottle caps and plastic remnants, a sight far too common among today’s beaches, and the second shows a team of volunteers cleaning up one of the many litter-infested beaches.


Surfers Against Sewage will be using these compact, portable banners at a variety of events across the country, and are extremely grateful for the donation.


For more information about Surfers Against Sewage, to get involved with the organisation, or to make a donation, visit


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