Summer is here

(or so the BBC has promised…), ice-cream vans have started making their rounds, and the end of the exhibiting season is nigh. Or so we thought.

Traditionally, the summer sees a drop off in exhibitions. However, seemingly this year, the exhibitors haven’t. Normally, Quadrant2Design takes advantage of the quieter period to attend to house work and focus on our own plans for our upcoming stands. Indeed, the other month, we were very kindly bought a bench that we’re excited to sit out on, in this ‘heatwave’, and enjoy our lunch.

But work keeps rolling in. Don’t get us wrong, we are not unhappy with this! Despite the lack of upcoming shows, exhibitors are still eager to have a Prestige Exhibition Stand, which is just proof that the world understands how versatile, and great, the system really is. Outside of exhibition halls the system is being used in everything from pop-up shops to meeting areas within open plan offices. The Prestige Exhibition System is being utilised in new and exciting ways every day.

However, there is one downside; It looks like our new bench won’t get as much use as we had originally thought.

For more ideas on how you can use a Prestige Exhibition Stand, contact our design team at