Success at Seawork International 2015 for Quadrant2Design

This year, Poole-based exhibition stand contractors, Quadrant2Design, designed and created four of the stands in attendance at the show including Advanced Insulation and Mustang Marine.

Using the Prestige Exhibition System, a modular, portable exhibition system that is exclusive to Quadrant2Design, each of the brands was able to create a custom designed, high quality stand, boasting an array of integrated LCD TVs, display showcases, photo-standard graphics and high-level branding.

Each of the stands was extremely successful, with all exhibitors reporting great feedback from their visitors, as well as many compliments from other exhibitors in attendance.

Managing Director, Alan Jenkins, is extremely pleased with the success at the show. “This is the most stands we have had at Seawork International before, and as a show that specialises in large aquatic vehicles and machinery, it’s great to see the Prestige System holding its own and standing out from the crowd.”

He continued “it was announced at this year that the show will be leaving Southampton’s Associated British Ports, where the show has been hosted since its conception in 1998, and will be moving to Southampton’s Mayflower Park for 2016. We look forward to the developments and growth that this change brings, and the chance for more Prestige Exhibition stands to make an appearance.”

Seawork International will open at its new home in Mayflower Park on 14th – 16th June 2016.

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About Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design is the UK’s only supplier of the Prestige Exhibition System. Portable, Modular and easy to self-build, the Prestige Exhibition System requires no tools or special skills. Catering for all sizes of exhibition stands, the Prestige Exhibition System, provides seamless effect, high quality graphics that have a custom feel, whilst being reusable and cost effective. With an array of possibilities, including lit showcases, mounted LCD TV’s and high level branding, Quadrant2Design can create the perfect exhibition stand for any budget.