STS Defence Case Study

STS Defence, their IConIC launch at Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2019 Amsterdam

The Background

STS Defence is a technology and engineering business based in Gosport, Hampshire.

They specialise in creating innovative solutions to combat complex challenges in mission-critical communications.

They operate across many sectors including the defence, marine, aerospace and nuclear industries.

IConIC is their new AI-driven software which monitors the performance of diesel engines.

STS Defence launched the new system at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo, Rai, Amsterdam 2019.

The Brief

To create an impressive exhibition stand to showcase STS Defence’s new product.

The stand had to include remote screens for demos with a feature screen on the main wall.

STS Defence, their IConIC launch at Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2019 Amsterdam 3

It was desirable to have the main wall dedicated to ‘IConIC’ and for the side wall to be based more generally around STS Defence.

  • Stand Size: 5mx3m
  • Stand Orientation: Open 3 sides- corner stand
  • Shell Scheme or Space Only: Space Only

Edge-lit Acrylic

Edge-lit acrylic is one of the many design features that we can offer to clients. It’s completely customised because it can be cut with any logo, shape or design to fit your branding.

The design here is cleverly incorporated with the graphic panels, giving the illusion of one seamless transition, even though we have two completely different materials being used.

Each square section can be individually programmed to light up and gently fade between different colours. There’s also the additional option to adjust the settings so that it’s on one continuous set colour. The choice is yours.

Case Study - STS Defence 8

What really makes this section stand out is how we mounted the ‘IConIC’ unit behind the edge-lit acrylic.

The illumination gives no doubt that this product is the star attraction of the stand, capturing the ‘futuristic’ feel that our client had envisioned.

High Gloss Finish

Graphic panels are printed with two finishes: high-shine gloss or crystal matt laminate. Usually clients opt for one or the other, but for this design both options were used.

Why? To create a stunning feature wall dedicated to their main showcase product.

High-shine gloss works particularly well with bold colours, which was why the side wall remained in matte laminate.

The two alongside each other shows a brilliant contrast and with the main wall reaching 4 metres high it definitely gets the message across of who STS Defence are, what they do, and what their launch product is.

The choice to use both finishes was easy after a visit from a member of the STS Defence marketing team to our premises here in Poole, Dorset.

Our showroom and pre-build areas are always filled with new stands, being built ready for upcoming shows.

We highly recommend a site visit on the basis of seeing first-hand all the different structures, finishes and features that are available.

In this case, after viewing the standard of the high-gloss finish there was no hesitation in choosing it as the main exterior.

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Written by James Avey