Quadrant2Design purchase to self-build customers Strolll successfully install their exhibition stand at the APTA Conference 2024 in Boston!

Strolll are an exciting digital health start-up, redefining the everyday reality of mobility for people living with neurological disorders. Through their development of digital therapeutics software and augmented reality (AR) glasses they empower movement therapy for people with a variety of neurological disorders.

Earlier this month, the Strolll team joined Quadrant2Design in our pre-build facility, for their free exhibition stand installation training, learning all of the intricacies of building their modular exhibition stand before taking it to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) conference in Boston.


After what looked like a fantastic event, the Strolll team had this to say on LinkedIn

“A truly awesome success! Our team had the privilege of exploring remarkable sites in Detroit and Florida, connecting with outstanding neurologists, therapists, and their patients.

The journey concluded in Boston at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) conference, where, throughout the 3-day event, we demonstrated our cutting-edge technology to hundreds of therapists. The response was overwhelming, generating significant interest from every clinician we had the pleasure of meeting.

A huge shoutout to the USA for the warm reception and incredible support—thank you for making our road show an outstanding experience!”

It’s always great to see our self-build customers have such successful installations and it’s also an amazing testament to the comprehensive training program that we provide!

All Quadrant2Design stand purchase clients receive complimentary installation training, in which one of our expert exhibition stand installers guides them through the whole process of building the stand, including all of the intricate details. This is how we ensure safe and easy installation for all Quadrant2Design’s self-build customers.

After an in-depth training session, customers also receive free and ongoing access to our training animation videos.

Self-building isn’t for everyone and many Quadrant2Design customers instead opt to take advantage of our free-hire plan, through which everything is taken care of, including project management, technical design and build planning, logistics and transport, installation and dismantle and even free storage.

If you’re interested in purchasing and self-building a Quadrant2Design stand, or if you want everything to be taken care of with our free-hire plan, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free, no-obligation design proposal!