Quadrant2Design Purchase to Self-Build clients Strolll visit our pre-build facility for their free exhibition stand build training.

All Quadrant2Design purchase clients receive complimentary installation training, in which one of our expert exhibition stand installers goes through the whole process of building the stand, including all of the intricate details.

This is how we can ensure our clients are ready to build their stand on the installation day!

The team from Strolll recently joined us in our pre-build facility to learn all about build their stand ready for their next event in America. Here’s what Strolll’s Ben Wain had to say about the training

“Today’s been fantastic, it’s a really easy process to follow. Yuriy’s been fantastic. I think he’s answered all of our questions, the product seems amazing and I’m really excited to take it to America and get it all set up.”

Ben Wain

Strolll’s Emma-Jayne Russell also said

“It’s a good team-building exercise because we got to work together than kind of delegate jobs – some jobs for the taller ones, some jobs for the smaller ones, but there was something we could all do to help out.”

Emma-Jayne Russell

Exhibition stand installation training

All Quadrant2Design purchase clients receive free comprehensive training on the build of their stand.

After an in-depth training session, customers also receive free and ongoing access to our training animation videos.

Training Animations

Quadrant2Design stands are available to purchase and self-build, or hire as part of our free-hire plan and benefit from expert professional installation, transportation and storage services.

Contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for more details.