Spring Fair has been an excellent opportunity for Quadrant2Design to demonstrate how our exhibition stand features can cater to varying product display and brand requirements!

The ever-growing show is the UK’s largest and most inspirational retail marketplace for Home, Gift and Fashion. This February, Spring Fair hosted thousands of quality brands and retail guests, making it a fantastic success.

Quadrant2Design Exhibition Stands At Spring Fair 2024


Hootyballoo has proudly showcased their party must-haves at Spring Fair for the second year in a row!

Last year, we brought Hootyballoo’s “party shop” concept to life with a vibrant bespoke custom-modular stand. During and after the event, they received outstanding feedback, enquiries and leads, making their stand a remarkable success.

This year, Hootyballoo has retained its popular colourful look but the stand has updated graphic panels and a new captivating photo floor. Their stand also featured additional endcap showcasing for maximised party product display!

Bright, vivid island exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for exhibitor HootyBalloo at Spring Fair 2024.

Grabo Balloons

Grabo Balloons is a world-leading foil balloon company that prides itself on in-house work and sustainability (not unlike Quadrant2Design).

Our client had lots of exciting new products, so custom showcases and counterfix features were vital to make the most of the available space!

Bright, vivid corner exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for exhibitor Grabo Balloons at Spring Fair 2024.

Fizz creations

Fizz Creations is a creative novelty gift supplier and a frequent exhibitor with Quadrant2Design.

Like Hootyballoo, Fizz Creations used endcap showcasing for their stand, so they could display their famous SLUSH PUPPiE machine and exciting new toys. The distinctive stand featured a back-lit rotating header for improved visibility. To draw the eye to new products, we have also added a playful colour-changing edge-lit acrylic countertop.

The Fizz Creations team and guests were thrilled with the stand and event, expressing overwhelming satisfaction.

product display

Kingfisher Cards

Kingfisher is a dedicated Greeting Card publisher, specialising in high-quality and good-value cards.

Their exhibition stand has been reconfigured to a larger space over the last two years, giving them more room for their products. They also have custom sloped shelves for showcasing; a great feature for cards, pamphlets and books.

High-level branding and a back-lit rotating header have been added to the stand to make Kingfisher visible across the event.

product display

Advanced Apparel

Advanced Apparel is a B2B Wholesaler specialising in Premium Blanks, Licenced Merchandise and Bespoke Apparel.

This was Advance Apparel’s first year exhibiting with Quadrant2Design and it was an astounding success! They utilised a custom heavy-duty line to showcase their weightier products, new designs and colourways. The stand also featured a Back-lit rotating header for visibility, a photo floor and printed countertops to complete the sleek aesthetic.

product display

Quadrant2Design Custom Features

Spring Fair 2024 has been an excellent demonstration of how flexible our custom-modular stands are in terms of design and display. Through a variety of features, we successfully catered to a range of products, from cards to hoodies!

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Autumn fair 2024 – NEC Birmingham

Now we have completed Spring Fair 2024, we are turning our attention to Autumn Fair (1-4 September 2024)!

Autumn Fair is all about product discovery. It is the destination for home, gifts, fashion and everyday products, making it the perfect place for buyers and suppliers to meet.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at Autumn Fair, contact our design team at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal!