Their challenge asks anyone to simply create a modular, reusable exhibition stand, according to set specifications, faster than they themselves can.

The company have outlined, to make sure the competition is fair for all parties who wish to partake, that the stands must be as similar as possible. As such, each stand must be 10m wide and have three varying heights, with the highest feature being 3.9m. The stand must also feature integrated showcases and a 42” flat screen TV, with a smaller 32” TFT feature. Each exhibition stand needs to have curved walls, with a total coverage of four colour, photographic quality graphics and a revolving branded feature and seamless effect graphics that show no metal construction.

Finally, Quadrant2Design state that the stand must be transportable in an average estate car, be built by two people without tools, and be completed in 35 minutes or less.

The company have proven that it is possible, by designing and creating a striking exhibition stand, which was built in 35 minutes exactly.

Full terms and conditions, of Quadrant2Design’s Prestige Exhibition Stand Challenge, and a video showing the stand construction, can be found on the company’s website;

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