Quadrant2Design’s Social Media Pages

We want to communicate the Quadrant2Design story to you. Because it’s a great story to tell! We’re all about three BIG words – Creativity, Sustainability, and Reliability. Our diverse social media pages are designed to inform and communicate exactly how we put these three values into practice when we work with you, our valued customer.


The Quadrant2Design Pinterest pages are important to us. They are our opportunity to show you thousands of our exhibition designs, design features, photo-floor designs and ‘real-life’ stand installations, at places like the NEC in Birmingham, ExCeL in London, and exhibition venues in Germany, Holland, France and further afield. You can use these pages as a free design ideas resource. If you see an interesting design, why not email us with the image, and ask for a ball-park price or further information.

YouTube and Vimeo

If you like the movies we have two great theatres for you! Both Quadrant2Design Vimeo and Quadrant2Design YouTube feature hundreds of design animations, videos of stand installations, in-house 100% exhibition stand pre-builds and assembly and informational material. Again, these videos are a fantastic free design resource, which we hope you will take advantage of!


We work very hard for our customers and it’s always wonderful when we receive so many fantastic reviews of our services. Many of our exhibitors leave 5* reviews on the Quadrant2Design Trustpilot site. We also have over 1000 real client reviews here on our company website.


Who doesn’t like Instagram. We use our Quadrant2Design Instagram pages to show you some new, provocative, design ideas. Design ideas that you won’t find elsewhere and that are bound to inspire and motivate you to go faster and further with your exhibiting.


We use the Quadrant2Design Facebook site to build the Quadrant2Design family of exhibitors, featuring our customers new exhibition stands and marketing successes. This makes our facebook platform a very lively and informative site about the World of Quadrant2Design. Take a look and join our family!


On the Quadrant2Design Twitter pages we indulge in some good-natured gossiping about what is going on within our company and the wider world of exhibitions and events. Always worth a look.


Facebook and Twitter are great for lighter discussions, but sometimes it’s more appropriate to communicate in a more business like manner on our Quadrant2Design LinkedIn pages. This site contains a huge amount of knowledge and material about our operations, personnel and corporate news. Well worth a look.