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Social Media connections and resources at Quadrant2Design


We love Facebook, and we use it to communicate our company culture and some of the lighter aspects of life at Quadrant2Design while talking about our latest exhibition projects. Take a look, get to know us and hit the follow button!

Quadrant2Design Facebook


A fantastic resource for our latest video content, including show visits, exhibiting advice, pre-build movies, training videos and animations. Some ‘less serious’ content featuring our amazing mascots, the two Boston Terrier brothers, Ben and Ragzi.

Quadrant2Design YouTube


WOW! Our Pinterest pages are packed full of over a thousand free exhibition stand design ideas, free-of-charge, to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing! Every stand design we’ve ever done are shown here in glorious technicolour. Take a look.

Quadrant2Design Pinterest


Everyone’s favourite place to gossip and spread the word about ‘now’ happenings in our lives, we use Twitter to alert customers to any breaking news that may impinge upon their exhibiting plans, plus we talk about some of the latest developments at Quadrant2Design.

Quadrant2Design Twitter


Here we communicate our more commercial information and news to our customers, including images and content illustrating our latest exhibition stand projects. Check into this platform to see some great images of customers exhibition stands.

Quadrant2Design LinkedIn


We use our Instagram site to post lots of exhibition stand photography, that communicates to our audience the style and beauty of our exhibition stands and graphic displays. Visit to see some truly unique work, of a nature that you won’t find elsewhere.

Quadrant2Design Instagram