When all is said and done, you can’t commit to an unknown exhibition contractor, based just on some pretty visuals and a persuasive sales-person.

You need to know you’re making the best decision for your company.

And this means you need concrete facts about Quadrant2Design. Who we are and what are the differentiators between us and the competition.

Please Question Us

We positively welcome an interrogation!

Our culture, values and processes are extremely strong, and therefore we have no fear of hard questions.

And the more you ask, the more you will learn about us.

You may also want to visit About Us and 9 Crucial Questions – the latter being some hard-hitting questions you should ask any potential exhibition stand supplier.

An exhibition stand purchased by Virgin Active.

Leadership & Experience

Quadrant2Design are owner-managed by Andrew Carney and Alan Jenkins.

Andrew and Alan are supported by a wider management team, who are long-serving and who completely buy-in to Quadrant2Design’s culture and values.

This gives us a huge advantage over some of our corporate competitors, who have management that think the company is run for themselves – not the customer.

Our team design, create and install over 600 exhibition stands every year giving us an unequalled depth and breadth of experience.

Bullet-Proof Process & Quality Control

Over 23-years we’ve learnt what works.

From this experience we’ve crafted a bullet-proof production methodology, and quality-control process.

This includes strong management-oversight, precise scheduling, multiple quality inspections, all culminating in a 100% factory pre-build of your stand.

If time permits, we recommend a visit to our studio and factory, to fully understand the depth of our project-planning and production processes.

A visit to our page Real Client Reviews provides many client insights into our quality and processes.

Long-Term Value & Sustainability

Early on in our history, we rebelled against the concept of ‘build ‘n’ burn’ – one-off exhibition stands that represent a shocking waste of resources.

So now, our business is geared to enabling maximum reconfiguration and reusability of your exhibition stand.

Using our free-hire plan, you pay no ‘structure cost’, only paying for graphics, which you own. We then store your graphics, free of charge, between your exhibitions.

When you come back for future stands, we retrieve your original design from our archives, and reconfigure your stand and graphics to fit the new space.

Not only does this substantially reduce your costs, you are also exhibiting in the most sustainable way you can.

Reusable and sustainable exhibition stand at Professional Beauty Show.